Broncos waive Melvin Gordon

Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos
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After another critical fumble, the Broncos have moved on from Melvin Gordon.

Denver announced on Monday that the club has waived Gordon. If a team does not claim Gordon, then he’ll become a free agent.

The Broncos started the season with Gordon and and Javonte Williams as its top two running backs. Williams suffered a season-ending knee injury in the Week Four loss to the Raiders. Gordon has been inconsistent, rushing for 318 yards and a pair of touchdowns this season. He’s also caught 25 passes for 223 yards.

But fumbling haas been a huge problem. Gordon put the ball on the ground five times this season, including once near the goal line in Sunday’s loss to Las Vegas. That apparently proved to be too much for Denver to take.

Latavius Murray was Denver’s leading rusher on Sunday, taking 17 carries for 49 yards. He’ll presumably have the job going forward.

Chase Edmonds and Marlon Mack are also on Denver’s 53-man roster at running back.

At 3-7, the Broncos will take on the 3-8 Panthers in Week 12.

21 responses to “Broncos waive Melvin Gordon

  1. They found out he is secretly working for other teams, handing them the ball whenever he gets a hold of it.

  2. Finally! While that’s a good start, the next Bronco to be waived should be Hackett. Unfortunately management realizes no team would be dumb enough to pick him up.

  3. Fumbling can’t happen. Having a coach that doesn’t understand how to use the clock make the whole thing not matter.

  4. Hackett said “somebody has to win”. The Broncos and Panthers are so bad that the game might end in a tie.

    Gordon probably has reached the end of the road. I watched him when he was at Wisconsin. A good back for a number of years. Best of luck on his next venture in life.

  5. This was a bad signing from day 1. What’s the record for fumbles inside the five yard line in a season?

  6. Can the coach fire himself? Because hes the reason they lost not the fumble Gordon lost. Total clown-show bro.

  7. It’s unfortunate that their stud RB Javonta Williams was lost for the year. Melvin Gordon wouldn’t even be playing. Melvin was good 10 years ago. It’s been a few years since he’s been good. When you give the ball away, and give games away, it’s way beyond time to say good-bye. If you can’t remember to hold onto the football, you just don’t give a hoot.

  8. I saw Gordon on whatever team he played for last thought, this has got to be the SLOWEST running back I have ever seen. I guess fumbling is just a an added feature to his game. He is slow but he can fumble.

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