Lovie Smith: We’re not a good football team, we’re searching for answers

Washington Commanders v Houston Texans
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The Texans fell to 1-8-1 with Sunday’s loss to the Commanders and head coach Lovie Smith couldn’t do much to sugarcoat their performance in the 23-10 loss when he spoke to reporters after the game.

Smith said that “we’re not a good football team right now” and things got testy as he faced repeated questions about the team’s resistance to making changes at quarterback or anywhere else on the field. Smith replied that he “didn’t think I should do it today” and declined to offer further explanation of that stance.

“I’m not going to tell you that, all right” Smith said at his press conference. “What do you expect me to say? We just got beat. Now, if there was something we should have done right away, we would have done it right away. We’re working with our football team, we’re searching for answers is what we’re doing. We’ll keep working on different combinations.”

Smith was asked why he expected different results from the same process and responded by asking if the team should “just change to change.” Smith’s answer was derisive, but anyone watching the Texans is likely wondering the same thing as the reporters who peppered Smith with questions on Sunday.

11 responses to “Lovie Smith: We’re not a good football team, we’re searching for answers

  1. I kind of feel bad for Lovie Smith.
    He’s got a bad team to coach and they clearly in a rebuilding process that will take some time even though they do have lots of picks to do that with. But I doubt he’s going to be around when they start to turn things around.
    He’s a placeholder, and it’s doubtful that he’s still there in 2024. Or even next season…

  2. they’re tanking. No other reason to try literally nothing and act like you don’t know what the problem is.

  3. It’s ok Lovie , The Eagles didn’t look like a good team against the Commanders D either 👍

  4. And feeling bad for Lovie Smith, a guy who has no biz being a head coach, where he earns two to three times what he deserves, is hilarious.

  5. Did Lovie not get the memo. He was hired to finish last and deliver a franchise QB. Mission almost accomplished. Then you will be shown the door with a nice parting gift as planned.

  6. He was lucky he got this gig. His career trajectory was otherwise headed to high school and pop Warner

  7. Like complaining the bread and crackers at the soup kitchen are stale.

    You can ask for more bread, but it’s still going to be stale. These reporters are out of touch if they don’t understand why they aren’t switching it up right now.

    Say it with me. They need higher picks. The ingredients for that soup are perfect right now. You wouldn’t change them if that is the soup you want…

  8. Lovie IS the problem!

    Lots of DCs and OCs and their fans think they’re HC’ing material only to get a HC job and find out they’re NOT!

  9. Yes the Texans are a bad team and you are a worse coach Lovie Smith. What have you ever done in coaching but stand there , get lots of camera time, but seemingly never uttering a word in your head set. Are you a coach puppet?

  10. What was the point of making a head coaching change again? They actually seemed to be making progress at the end of last season with David Culley. They’ve regressed with Lovie Smith. I think the McNairs just want to tank.

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