Nathaniel Hackett on late Russell Wilson incompletion: We want the clock running

Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos
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The Broncos tried something different on Sunday by having quarterbacks coach Klint Kubiak call the team’s offensive plays instead of head coach Nathaniel Hackett.

A game-opening 92-yard touchdown drive made that look like a wise move, but the Broncos weren’t able to find the end zone again. The 16 points that they managed still might have been enough, but a blunder by quarterback Russell Wilson left the door wide open for the Raiders at the end of the fourth quarter.

Wilson threw an incompletion on a third down on the first play after the two minute warning when he should have taken a sack in order to keep the clock running. The Raiders had no timeouts, but got the ball with 1:43 left and drove to tie the game on a Daniel Carlson field goal thanks in large part to Wilson’s generosity.

The Raiders would go on to win on a Davante Adams touchdown in overtime and Wilson said after the game that “the ball just kind of went away from me” while trying to get it to rookie wideout Jalen Virgil. Hackett’s take was that the Broncos needed to do whatever they could to keep the clock running.

“We called a pass — you got to keep the clock running,” Hackett said of the third-down play. “One way or the other . . . you just want to be sure the clock is running . . . but if something happened in the pocket, that’s one of those situations where you can take a sack or you can just run the ball. Obviously we want the clock running in that situation.”

The Hackett-Wilson partnership has not fulfilled any of the expectations that the Broncos had coming into this season and it will be interesting to see what course the Broncos chart for the future once this season finally reaches the finish line.

20 responses to “Nathaniel Hackett on late Russell Wilson incompletion: We want the clock running

  1. The Russ explanation is so Russ. The ball went away from me? Some guys just can’t admit when they make a bad play. The explanation just makes the egregious error look worse.

  2. Glad to see this article blaming Wilson. As usual he was trying to play hero ball. How exactly is that Hackett’s fault? Pick whoever you think is the greatest coach of all time. They’re not winning with a diminished Wilson playing hero ball and unable to see wide open receivers.

  3. So what ? Even had Wilson taken the sack, there is no guarantee the defense would have stopped the Raiders anyway. They sure didnt stop them in overtime. Until the coach is fired, enough with the speculation.
    Fans of the team are already frustrated.

  4. I don’t know many 3-7 teams that have the dubious honor of sweeping a division opponent even though they can’t seem to beat anyone else. Go Raiders!

  5. This is just getting sad.

    There was a game last year when Hawks got the ball deep in their own end in OT with a FG winning the game.

    Wilson threw three long passes into coverage instead of just trying to get a first down and work the team down field.

    After the game Pete said “we really just needed a first down there to get it going”.

    And Wilson defended his throws by saying “I was trying to win the game”

    Hero ball Denver. It’s why Hawk fans were not that sad to see him go.

  6. 14thumper says:
    November 21, 2022 at 8:57 am
    If you want the clock running, run the ball.

    This was also my first thought and my second thought was whether Wilson audibled out of a run play.

  7. It’s one of the worst trades in history. Apparently, if anything needs to happen on the team, the player needs to check with Wilson’s agent.

  8. Just to compound things on replay it looked like the receiver had a step and a well-thrown ball gets them the first down. Either falling down to keep the clock running OR actually trying to complete the pass is an okay play in my book but throwing it into the ground made no sense at all.

  9. Dont worry Hackett will be out. Mostly cause hes the one entity that can be replaced although hes done nothing to prove he deserves to stay.

    As far as that play goes. Hackett wasnt calling the plays. In the beginning didnt they say the offense was tailored around Wilson and play design was what Wilson liked and was supposedly good at?

    Their play design is based on Wilson being a top tier QB with mobility. Hes not. If Wilson can no longer improvise they need to scale things back to more of a game manager QB offense and yes simply running the ball there would be the only choice. Still should have been. They still havent fully figured out Wilson isnt the QB they thought they were getting and that part is on Hackett. I think Hackett would have had slightly more success with Lock/Bridgewater as he could run his offense instead of running what Wilson wants.

  10. Russ is always about Russ and nobody else including the team. Several 3rd down plays in that game he could have thrown an easy check-down pass that should have gotten a 1st down and more time off the clock, but Russ is only concerned about look at me Russ so a check down doesn’t make the highlight reels. A scramble and very low percentage play down field does if he makes it, problem is he doesn’t have Lockett to make those plays and Russ is a lot slower to scramble. Seattle has been living with this for years and a good reason why their offense never quite worked. Hackett will be the first of many fall guys for the next four or five years as someone will have to deal with a major diva, who has become the laughing stock of the NFL.

  11. Think if Denver still had Trevor Simien. They would most likely have the same record. 500 million doesnt get much these days

  12. That defense needs to apologize to Russ for letting the Raiders score on that last series and again in OT.

  13. Wilson has fallen apart. I’ve never seen a top QB decline in his prime like this. If I didn’t dislike the Broncos and their fans so much I’d think it was sad

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