Patrick Mahomes on pace to break NFL record for passing yards in a season

NFL: NOV 20 Chiefs at Chargers
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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes may break an impressive NFL record this season — with some help from a 17th game.

After Sunday night’s win over the Chargers, Mahomes has a league-leading 3,265 passing yards through 10 games this season. That puts him on pace to pass for 5,551 yards in 17 games.

And that would be a new NFL record, surpassing Peyton Manning’s record of 5,477 yards, set in 2013. Manning, of course, did that in only 16 games, and Mahomes is on pace to need a 17th game to top Manning’s record.

Mahomes is averaging 326.5 yards per game this season, short of the 342.3 yards per game that Manning averaged in his record-setting season. So while Mahomes may set the record, Manning would be justified if he felt that the more impressive season was his own.

6 responses to “Patrick Mahomes on pace to break NFL record for passing yards in a season

  1. Passing stats have become meaningless because of the rules changes but they should do it by passing per game if you played every game that season. It would still favor QBs from the last 20 years but would be better than just ignoring the extra games being played. Only Marino is left in the top 10 who didn’t play in this protect the QB at all cost era.

  2. I hope Mahomes breaks the record.
    Best QB in the league for the past few years. KC is fortunate to have him.
    Good dude. Good leader. No nonsense.

  3. Not surprised with the turnstile defense. That defense will ve their doom later on. Miami would torch them right now.

  4. All the records will faal when you add games. We don’t need one article a week to tell us this.

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