Sean McDermott: Win was for everyone in Buffalo who helped us get here

Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns
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As the snow fell on Buffalo over the last few days, there was concern about whether the Bills would be able to get everyone to the team’s plane in time to fly to Detroit for Sunday’s game against the Browns.

The Bills made it with a little help from their neighbors. Head coach Sean McDermott was one of many in the organization who discovered their neighbors helping with shoveling, plowing and other snow clearing activities in order to make sure that the team would have everyone on hand to face Cleveland.

After Buffalo’s 31-23 win was in the books, McDermott took a moment to recognize the Buffalo community’s efforts on behalf of the team.

“Everyone back in Buffalo who helped us get here, how much we appreciate them and [are] thankful for them,” McDermott said, via Alaina Getzenberg of “And everyone back in Buffalo who’s currently digging out again, we’re thinking of you guys and that was for you.”

The Bills will be back in Buffalo for a couple of days this week before they head back to Detroit to play the Lions on Thanksgiving. Their exit should be less dramatic, but the Bills know they’ll have some helping hands if they need them.

5 responses to “Sean McDermott: Win was for everyone in Buffalo who helped us get here

  1. You’re an embarrassment and a cheater. If that game was held where it should have been, Buffalo would have lost.

    It’s 100% cheating. They knew they’d get worked in the snow because they’re soft.

  2. Dude. There was LITERALLY no way a game could be safely played in Orchard Park.
    They didn’t even lift the driving ban in Orchard Park until 11:59pm Sunday, because the Town was still clearing streets of the 77 inches of snow that fell on the town between Thursday
    night and Sunday afternoon.

  3. We’ll your franchise would know a lot about cheating but anyways you do realize the EXACT same this happened in 2014? They moved a game to Detroit for the sane reason.

    And Chubb couldn’t run on us at all so when it’s cold (not snowing though) when it’s cold you run better. Ok. So the bills didn’t practice, commuted all the way to Detroit, gave up home field to play in a dome, because they didn’t like the cold?????

    I’m gonna need more tinfoil

  4. Had they kept the game in Buffalo, it would not have given the Browns an advantage. The snow stopped Saturday, and the field would have been completely clear on Sunday. They moved the game for player & fan safety.

    To keep trotting out the same conspiracy theories or try to claim Buffalo was either A) involved in the decision, or B) benefitted from the decision, is just hopeless.

    They lost a ton of money, and lost home field for a game.

  5. I’m glad that Sean McDermott is giving some love to Joe Woods….he definitely helped them get there for that win…..LOL.

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