Source: Justin Fields did not dislocate his left shoulder

NFL: NOV 20 Bears at Falcons
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On Sunday against the Falcons, Bears quarterback Justin Fields suffered some sort of injury to his non-throwing shoulder. NFL Media has reported that it’s a dislocation of the shoulder. We’re told otherwise.

Per a source with direct knowledge of the situation, Fields did not suffer a dislocation.

That doesn’t mean he’s fine. He has an injury, and he said after the game that it’s very painful. It’s still not known (at least not publicly) what it is.

Field also had hamstring tightness during Sunday’s loss to the Falcons.

If he can’t play on Sunday, it’ll be Trevor Siemian facing whoever the Jets decide to use. On Monday, coach Robert Saleh wouldn’t commit to Zach Wilson starting the game.

6 responses to “Source: Justin Fields did not dislocate his left shoulder

  1. I would be more inclined to feel that his highly suspect offensive line were to blame. This would have occurred whether his running ability was capitalized on or not.

  2. Bears aren’t playoff bound so start Trevor Siemian. Heal up Fields for the Packers

  3. It would be nice if the Referees would call roughing the QB for some of the shots Fields has taken this year. No wait, his name isn’t Rodgers orBrady or Stanford etc. you get the picture!

  4. After the Bears crushed my Pats a few weeks ago by running Fields on every play, I knew Justin wouldn’t finish the season.

    Eberflus found a successful toy, and he would exploit it for a few wins until the wheels fell off.

    Well. . . the wheels just fell off.

  5. With the league walking back some of the protection given QBs after they cross the line of scrimmage,treating them more like RBs, it’s the wrong time to be a running QB. If they haven’t mastered the relatively simple college level offensive schemes against much, much simpler college level defenses, it’s not a good bet they’ll succeed at the NFL level. Before our current infatuation with running QBs, almost all high draft pick QB played in schools that use a pro style offense. Even Heisemen trophy as and national championship winning QBs were passed over if they didnt play, and played well in pro style offenses.

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