Vikings absorb worst home loss in 59 years


It was a very long day for the Vikings on Sunday. It was their longest day for a home game in a very, very long time.

Via ESPN Stats & Information, the 40-3 splattering at the hands of the Cowboys was the worst home loss for the Vikings since a 56-14 blowout against the then-St. Louis Cardinals on October 6, 1963.

That game was played at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington. Sonny Randle had three touchdown catches for the Cardinals. For the Vikings, Fran Tarkenton was nine for 25, gaining only 86 yards.

The Vikings, who were favored to beat the Cardinals that day by 2.5 points, were outgained 520 yards to 218.

On Sunday, the Cowboys had 458 yards. The Vikings had 183.

For Dallas, it was the biggest road victory in franchise history. It came one week after the Cowboys blew their first lead of 14 or more points entering the fourth quarter of a game. Ever.

The Cowboys are now 4-0 at U.S. Bank Stadium, and the Vikings are left searching for answers. Both teams have only three days to do it all again, with Dallas hosting the Giants and the Patriots coming to Minnesota on Thanksgiving.

22 responses to “Vikings absorb worst home loss in 59 years

  1. Vikings are just a good team that had a bad game. Beat the Pats on Thanksgiving and they’ll be right back on track.

  2. The Vikings are a paper tiger. No chance at a SB until Kirk Cousins is gone. That day cannot happen soon enough.

  3. The NFC representative in the Super Bowl will not come out of the NFC North or the NFC East.

    Pretenders one and all.

  4. The vikings and their fans are finding out the same thing the Eagles and their fans found out last week and this week, you aren’t as good as you thought you were!

  5. As a formers Vikings head coach once stated…
    “The Vikings are who we thought they were!”

  6. Whoo boy, glad I missed watching that lousy game. So much for one score games huh? Congrats to the Cowboys — pretty impressive pass rush. While this is a good, not great team, it has still been an unexpected year with 8 wins already in the bank, so its hard to get too upset over one game. However, this game should deservedly put the Vikes back with the middle class and set realistic playoff expectations for some of the more enthusiastic fans.

  7. Don’t understand why the vikings fans refuse to see the obvious, Counsins is a terrible Qb and the sooner they get rid of him the sooner they will have a chance to win something.

  8. Well, Lots of questions answered yesterday for The Vikings. If they come out punch-less against the Patriots, 10-7 or 11-6 is in their future.

  9. Sure cousins didn’t have a good game (and Hockinson dropped a couple TDs early that would have set this game on a different route). I’m not a Cousins apologist by any stretch but this game was blown out in trenches. Vikings o-line was absolutely destroyed by the Cowboys and the Vikings d-line met a brick wall. There’s no winning games for ANY QB if you’re getting crushed on both sides of the line.

  10. Actually I think the 2015 game at TCF Stadium was worse. It was 35-0 Seattle in the third quarter until Corderalle Patterson ripped off a 105 yard KO return for TD. Vikings offense did absolutely NOTHING in the fourth quarter. Seahawks got another FG to make it 38-7.

  11. Not a fan of either team but everyone saying that Cousins is a terrible qb doesn’t know much about football. Is he great? Obviously not but he’s average to slightly above average.

  12. R-E-L-A-X

    It was just one game. One bad loss. Sure, it was a mind numbing, soul crushing, make-you-hate-your-mama-for-having-you kind of loss but it doesn’t mean the end of the world, anymore than a small handful of marginal wins meant… whatever you thought it meant.

    They’re 8-2 with 7 games left. They could still end up 15-2. Of course, they could also still end up 8-9. Or anywhere in between.

  13. MortimerInMiami says:
    November 21, 2022 at 10:29 am

    As a formers Vikings head coach once stated…
    “The Vikings are who we thought they were!”
    That’s pretty good because I didn’t think they would blow out the Packers week one and beat the Bills on the road and be 8-2 right now. I kind of thought they would be around 6-4.
    You should be working in Vegas.

  14. It’s always sweet to beat the Vikings at their house.
    Viking fan, remember the Drew Pearson catch in the 1975 playoff game? Great Cowboy moment.

  15. The Vikings put too much importance on this game.

    They treated it like a Super Bowl.

    And we know how they’ve done in Super Bowls.

  16. The Vikings were emotionless and it showed. They were as flat is yesterdays popovers. Now without Darrisaw to coalesce their line, they will be subject to the same issues with the Patriots. If they are competitive with this one, I will be the one shocked. Cousins does not perform under physical pressure.

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