Eagles pleased with Ndamukong Suh, Linval Joseph contributing immediately

Philadelphia Eagles v Indianapolis Colts
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Eagles defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh and Linval Joseph both played on Sunday against the Colts, just days after arriving in Philadelphia. And the Eagles were pleased with how they performed.

Philadelphia defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon today praised Suh and Joseph for showing up ready to go, and said that after giving them a quick lesson on the Eagles’ defensive terminology, they understood what they had to do.

“Suh and LJ, they’ve played a lot of ball and they’re smart individuals. They understand what’s going on. Once they put it in their language, it was, Hey, go out and play. And that’s what they did. It was good to get those guys in here, and they played well,” Gannon said.

Joseph played 40 percent of the Eagles’ defensive snaps against the Colts, while Suh played 26 percent. Joseph was actually in the starting lineup and got in on the tackle on the first play of the game, and in the third quarter Suh and Joseph combined for a sack of Colts quarterback Matt Ryan that forced a Colts three-and-out.

It was an impressive performance for two guys in their 30s who have been out of the league all year. They should be able to do more once they get their feet wet.

5 responses to “Eagles pleased with Ndamukong Suh, Linval Joseph contributing immediately

  1. It punctuates how unnecessary training camp and preseason games are to experienced,veteran players.

  2. Suh, Joseph, Cox, Davis, Hargrave, Sweat, Graham, Quinn that’s the best line in the NFL when they are all healthy

  3. Our run defense was trash since week 1. They better get ready for big boy cold weather ball against the murderous row of running backs coming down the pipe.

  4. That game was blacked out by me, but I was curious to go back and look at that defense and their stats. Almost in top 5 in every category that matters. Then I though that Taylor ran all over them. He did on the first drive then 2.3 yards per carry. Not only do I think Suh and Joseph solved the problem, but Davis will be back in two weeks. I don’t think they have anything to worry about. In fact I think with Suh, Joseph, and Davis they are going to play a 4-5 down lineman on every down and drop everybody else back. Now that’s scary.

  5. It’s a win/win deal for the team and for LJ and Suh. They’re not being signed as every down players. Their presence allows that DL to rotate and stay fresh and hold down the fort while guys get back from injury. So LJ can’t move. He’s a big body in there to clog things up and he is crafty enough to make plays when he can. Suh is a liability against the outside run, but can still get after the QB from time to time. All that said, I’d they contribute, they get a chance at a ring and maybe fooling someone into giving them contracts next year. Smart move.

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