Glazers explore selling Manchester United

Manchester United v Chelsea - Premier League
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Arsenal supporters are about to be very jealous.

Via Mark Kleinman of Sky News, the Glazer family will soon announce that it will be exploring a potential sale of the Manchester United soccer club.

Fans of the Premier League mainstay will be thrilled by the news. They’ve been jostling for the Glazers to sell literally from the day the Americans bought the franchise. The family also owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

An announcement of the intended effort could come imminently.

There are shades of the Daniel Snyder announcement in the report, with the point being made that the Glazers may sell it all, may sell a minority interest, or may decide to keep it. As with the Commanders situation, however, it will be very hard for ownership to reverse course once the fans pop champagne and fire confetti cannons in response to the news.

Meanwhile, the Arsenal supporters will have to simply wait for Rams owner Stan Kroenke to make a similar decision.

7 responses to “Glazers explore selling Manchester United

  1. What’s with people selling off valuable football (soccer) teams? First FSG with Liverpool, now the Glazers are thinking of it. I just wish Kroneke would follow suit!

  2. The late Malcom Glazer was all about buying low , selling high ,in all his business ventures …Joel and his siblings are going to make a killing once they sell Manchester United. It was just an investment.

  3. Prices are nearing their peak. Time for investors to cash out. Oil money will be flooding the Premier League.

  4. They probably saw the bidding war that recently happened over Chelsea when it went through a forced sale.

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