Kevin Stefanski on DC Joe Woods: My focus is on winning

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
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The Browns lost for the seventh time this season against the Bills on Sunday and their run defense was again one of the leading reasons why they wound up on the wrong side of the final score.

Buffalo ran for 171 yards a week after the Dolphins picked up 195 on the ground and the Browns now rank 31st in the league in points allowed. That’s led to thoughts that the team might make a change at the top of their defensive coaching staff and head coach Kevin Stefanski was asked about defensive coordinator Joe Woods’ job security on Monday.

Stefanski did not discuss Woods’ status directly while saying that his only focus is on the Week 12 game against the Buccaneers.

“My focus is on us getting better,” Stefanski said, via Mary Kay Cabot of “My focus is on us getting a win vs. Tampa and playing good offense, playing good defense and playing good special teams. That’s where my focus is.”

At 3-7, the Browns may be past the point in their season when a coaching change or other shakeup has a chance to turn things around. Given how poorly the defense has played for most of this season, changes in the offseason seem like a safe bet.

9 responses to “Kevin Stefanski on DC Joe Woods: My focus is on winning

  1. Players, coaches and front office folks have all come and gone. Doesn’t seem to matter who is involved…we aren’t any good. It all points to Haslam. Jimmy has said that “he hasn’t been good at this”. He needs to sell the damn team. I’m getting old and am tired of all the losing.

  2. I’ll assume his focus has been on good offense, good defense and good special teams all year, so what’s new?

  3. Stefanski’s focus is working with the offense on their set of first drive scripted plays.If they go 3 and out a couple of times he might have enough plays for 3 drives.

  4. They need a coach that can enforce accountability. Bring back Greg Williams. Stefanski is just too nice of a guy to bring the discipline needed for these buffoons. There has to be consequences for bad play, and that should include benching the player who makes mistakes. We’re seeing the same names at cornerback week after week letting the WR get deep behind them. Fire Stefanski.

  5. Haslam and management sold their soul for their “savior” Watson. This is what you get. I blame Haslam, Berry, DePodesta, and Stefanski. Not a peep from any of them, too afraid to take a stand. And the players just putzing around waiting for Watson.

  6. What has signing Watson got to do with a defense that is last or nearly last in the league, when at the end of 2021 they were a highly rated unit? Essentially the same guys, except maybe bad DTs replacing mediocre DTs.

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