Mike Tomlin: Kenny Pickett is getting better in all areas

NFL: NOV 20 Bengals at Steelers
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The Steelers displayed some offensive improvement against the Bengals, scoring 30 points for the first time this season.

But it was a tale of two halves for Pittsburgh, as the team scored on four of five possessions in the first two quarters. Then the third quarter began with three three-and-outs. While a takeaway led to a field goal, the offense failed to get anything else going until it was effectively too late.

Rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett ended the first half 14-of-19 for 141 yards with a touchdown. He finished the game 25-of-42 for 265 yards with a touchdown.

“He’s getting better in all areas, guys, just the same way that George Pickens is getting better,” head coach Mike Tomlin said in his Tuesday press conference. “I’m not going to comb through it every week. It’s moving in the direction that we would like it to.

“Sure, could it move faster? Absolutely. I don’t think anybody is patient — including Kenny. This is not a patient man’s business. You work while you wait. And that’s what he and we are doing. But he’s doing a nice job, just in general.”

The Steelers have compiled a 2-4 record in Pickett’s six starts. He’s completed 65.4 percent of his passes for 1,426 yards with three touchdowns and eight interceptions.

7 responses to “Mike Tomlin: Kenny Pickett is getting better in all areas

  1. I don’t know about all areas, but I did see that every time he got hit on Sunday he just gave the Bengal a dirty look and cursed under his breath instead of having a hissy fit and jumping up looking for a flag. So that’s an improvement I guess.

  2. He’s meeting my expectations, for what that’s worth. He’s not Big Ben. He never will be. It’s a completely different skillset. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be a quality starter. It’s tough to judge him with his supporting cast and play calling.

  3. This season is just to get him acclimated at this point. If he gets a better OC calling plays and designing an offense that Actually works, he could be really good. I’m rooting for him, new OC, and a better o-line. He’s only going to be as good as the team around him. With this offense, Dan Marino wouldn’t stand a chance.

  4. It’s a very young offense with a high school OC. Give him time and he will turn into a better than average QB in this league.

  5. He has really made a lot of progress, and I think he is in a trajectory to be one of the games elite quarterbacks. I really think he’s already the best QB in the AFC North.

  6. Elite QB? Progress? What is it that makes you believe this? Oh ..it must be the 2-5 record, 3tds vs 8 INTs, and the continual missing of open WRs Dow field that impresses you. Or are you a Pitt Panther alum?

  7. Best QB in the AFC North? Lol. He is not better than any of the backup Qbs in the north.

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