Mike Vrabel: Todd Downing will continue as offensive coordinator

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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After Thursday night’s win over the Packers, Titans offensive coordinator Todd Downing was arrested for DUI. On Tuesday, Titans coach Mike Vrabel said that Downing will remain on the job.

Via Terry McCormick of TitanInsider.com, Vrabel told reporters that Downing is in the building and will continue to be the offensive coordinator.

Downing may eventually face a suspension imposed by the NFL. Usually, such action is delayed until after the criminal case has ended.

It means that, most likely through the balance of the 2022 season, nothing will change for the Titans. And it would be naive to assume that the current state of the Tennessee season isn’t a factor.

If they were 3-7, Downing probably would be gone. The fact that they’re 7-3 — and that they had a great offensive showing against the Packers in prime time — helps keep Downing around.

10 responses to “Mike Vrabel: Todd Downing will continue as offensive coordinator

  1. But what about the investigation into whether or not he drank on the team flight? He landed at 2:11 CST and was pulled over about 95 minutes later. There is no way he stopped at a bar at 2:45 and got drunk then. Just because there is no outcome in a criminal case doesn’t mean he didn’t violate NFL rules.

  2. He used poor judgement, and had a great game hours before. I’m guessing if you fired him, you’d have to fire multiple other people as well.

  3. No, he will not. He will be suspended by the league. Period. End of discussion. This cheating by Goodell has got to stop.

  4. Gutless decision by Vrabel.
    A DUI is perniciously careless act that puts people’s lives in jeopardy. If you want to reward that kind of dangerous and irresponsible behaviour with continued employment, that says much about your own character never mind the person you employ.
    That may be harsh to some, but when you’ve seen an entire family destroyed by that kind of reckless action, you have no sympathy for someone who could have easily avoided that criminal act due to their wealth and station.

  5. Good!! We all make mistakes and shouldn’t lose our living because of it. Was it stupid? Yes. But we all do stupid things and this mob mentality has to stop. No reason to fire him. No one is perfect people, stop pretending you are too.

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