Sam Darnold to start for Panthers on Sunday

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens
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The Panthers are turning to their third starting quarterback of the season.

Sam Darnold will start for the Panthers on Sunday against the Broncos, interim coach Steve Wilks has decided.

After arriving in a trade with the Jets, Darnold started 11 games for the Panthers last season. But he opened this season on injured reserve and hasn’t played at all this year. Now he’ll get an opportunity to show what he can do as the season winds down and he heads into free agency in 2023.

P.J. Walker remains unable to play with a high ankle sprain. Baker Mayfield, who arrived this offseason in a trade with the Browns, has played poorly this year, and his benching is no surprise.

28 responses to “Sam Darnold to start for Panthers on Sunday

  1. Sam needs to go back west,be a backup for a team like SF. Rebuild his confidence. Learn from an offensive NFL coach. Belichick’s defenses ruined him and he never recovered or was never coached up to overcome it.

  2. Baker Mayfield could have gotten released and then gone to a team to rehabilitate his image. Bruce Arians for one is clearly a fan. He instead chose door #2 and got traded to a terrible team and will never start again in this league.

  3. Boy, all of the “Experts” continue to show how much more they know about football, & how the Seahawks blew it sticking with Geno instead of trading for Mayfield…..smh…

  4. Who could have seen this disaster season coming except for everyone (excluding Panthers management apparently)?

  5. Wilks is not HC material. The constant flip flopping between QBs is always a sign that he doesnt have a clue as to what he is doing. Doesn’t matter who you pick out of that group, results will be the same.

  6. Good for Sam !.
    I am a Jets fan , and he was awful.
    However , he had no supporting “cast” around him , and was apallingly coached.
    That said , our current QB is much worse , with much better players around him .
    Therefore , I am rooting for Sam to get a second chance

  7. Pro sports are a funny business. The people who own the team often have no idea about how to run the business. This owner might be the worst. As long as he owns the team, don’t expect any winning. If you think you’re going to win by changing coaches and changing QB’s every five minutes, your fans are in for a rough ride. Good luck Carolina fans!

  8. It’s amazing how many top 10 QB picks have washed out in the past 5 or 6 years. I supposed since the NFL is now such a QB driven league that teams are willing to swing for a homerun with a guy that 10 or 15 years ago would’ve been 2nd round material at best. Makes you really start wondering how bad the class was last year with only one being picked in the first round in Pickett. And that was what, 21st pick or so? Think how poorly Malik Willis, Matt Corral, Sam Howell, Desmond Ridder, etc., etc. must have graded out.

  9. Change the rules on sliding for qb’s. After five yards they’re fair game to get hit. That’ll give non-running qb’s with better passing skills an edge.

  10. I hope Sam plays a great game and gets some confidence back. He’s better than Wilson in NY. Always loved the kid. Good Luck next week Sam!!

  11. I really liked Baker Mayfield here in Cleveland but he cost himself 100’s of millions of dollars by not working with the Browns to get a reasonable contract done. Now as he goes into free agency he’s going to have to walk around with his hat in his hand and see what anybody will offer him. He had his chance. He blew it.

  12. Panthers’ record with a 100-yard rusher: 3-1. Their record without a 10-yard rusher: 0-6. If they can run the ball (assuming McAdoo is even willing to call running plays), they can win games when the defense plays well. If they can’t or won’t run, it’s hopeless. Nothing but bad choices at QB: Mayfield went from a strong 2020 season to being awful in less than two years. PJ Walker is a backup/emergency type, but not a quality starter. Darnold? Well, no one found the off switch for that turnover machine in his first four years, and I don’t think they’re going to find it in Year 5.

  13. Interesting to see how many teams can be so wrong about so many quarterbacks. So few make smart choices.

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