Chad Kelly thinks he could start for 50 percent of the NFL’s teams

109th Grey Cup
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Quarterback Chad Kelly recently came off the bench to win the Grey Cup for the Toronto Argonauts. Whether he ends up back on the bench for 2023 remains to be seen.

Regardless, Kelly believes he wouldn’t be on the bench for half of the teams in the NFL.

Appearing on Pardon My Take, the nephew of Hall of Famer Jim Kelly said he could start over 50 percent of the NFL’s current starting quarterbacks.

This is what I think,” Kelly said. “Obviously there’s a lot of off the field stuff, right? We all know about it. It’s all been publicized. You know, you stick a camera in a kid’s face at eight years old and give him his own day, you know, that’s predominately what’s going to happen, is that the light is going to shine a little brighter when it’s good or bad, right? But I think people mistaken my on the field capabilities of thinking clearly, right? Because they see that I do some dumb things off the field. So I think that with my saying 50 percent, I feel like I know the game a lot more than a lot of people because I started at such a young age, and that’s all I knew. In order to, you know, make it in life, I thought it was just to play in the NFL, really not even play in college. It was to play for the Buffalo Bills or someone, you know? That was the main focus my whole life.

Kelly had a chance with the Broncos. He was climbing the depth chart, but an off-field issue made it all fall apart. He couldn’t stick with the Colts, and he thereafter washed out of the NFL.

While it’s impossible to rule out a quarterback parlaying success in the CFL into a shot in the NFL, it will take plenty of work from Kelly. Starting with beating out at least one starter in the Canadian league.

16 responses to “Chad Kelly thinks he could start for 50 percent of the NFL’s teams

  1. There’s a line between confidence and arrogance. Chad Kelly was the backup QB for the entire season with a CFL team. He has a game winning drive and now thinks he should be an NFL starter. I’m sure that NFL GMs will take that as a good sign that he’s still not a headcase.

  2. Too bad Rhule isn’t with the Panthers any more…he’d twist Fitts arm until Kelly was signed.

  3. For anyone wondering, there was more than one “off-field issue” for Chad Kelly. He broke into a stranger’s home in a drunken stupor, this after punching a videographer in the face, breaking his nose, and causing a concussion at a Von Miller halloween party.

    Now he appears to be arguing that his off-the-field conduct should be ignored because of his on-field skills. He almost seems to suggest that his sense of entitlement from age 8 is an excuse. No doubt some NFL owner will find this persuasive should he continue to win.

  4. This means he puts his bar at roughly the level of Derek Carr. Nothing like shooting for the stars.

  5. “Back in 82 I coulda thrown the ball a quarter mile. If they would have put me in, no doubt I coulda won state”. Uncle Rico

  6. The guy who can’t win a starting job in the CFL could start for half the NFL? This is going to be Zach Wilson talking in a couple years.

  7. Kelly looks pretty decent on the field, but he had his issues. I do think he deserves another chance. He didnt do anything really horrible compared to lots of poeple who got second chances and tbh he prolly cud start over a few qb’s in the league right now if he has made any moderate progress in his game since he was in the league.

  8. Not for Denver. They have a first ballot HOFer if the rest of the team weren’t so bad.

  9. He got his Uncles confidence. For sure. Too bad he didn’t get his skillset, because if he could win in the NFL he would be in the NFL. After all Watson wasn’t even a winner and he got $235,000,000 guaranteed…

  10. As a Panther fan from what I have seen this year, I agree with him. Not sure it is 50% but he is clearly better than anything Carolina has.

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