Christian McCaffrey: Jimmy Garoppolo doesn’t get enough credit at all

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
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Christian McCaffrey hasn’t been with the 49ers for long, but the veteran running back has been around long enough to see how effective quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to be.

Garoppolo put together one of his best performances in Monday’s victory over the Cardinals, completing 20-of-29 passes for 228 yards with four touchdowns.

The 49ers have now won three games in a row and are 3-1 since McCaffrey got there in Week Seven. Garoppolo has completed 71 percent of his passes for 1,006 yards with eight touchdowns and one interception in that span, good for a 115.7 passer rating.

“He is such a talented quarterback,” McCaffrey said, via Jennifer Lee Chan of “He doesn’t get enough credit in my eyes, at all. He is a great leader, super smart, can make make any throw and just a great guy to be around. It’s been a lot of fun to be able to pick his brain and mesh with him.”

McCaffrey has been a friendly target for Garoppolo, catching 21 of his 24 targets for 185 yards with a touchdown since joining San Francisco. He’s also rushed for 209 yards with a pair of touchdowns.

With Garoppolo at the helm, the 49ers now hold first place in the NFC West at 6-4, given their tiebreaker over the Seahawks. San Francisco will host New Orleans in Week 12.

10 responses to “Christian McCaffrey: Jimmy Garoppolo doesn’t get enough credit at all

  1. Since McCaffrey has arrived the Niners have faced the 17th ranked defense (points allowed), the 29th ranked defense and the 31st ranked defense.

    They are a combined 12-19.

    None of them would be in the playoffs today. In fact the last time they played a team that would be in the playoffs they got spanked by KC.

    Yet their players and fans are super convinced they’re the best team in NFL history and will walk to a SB.


    Pure comedy.

  2. All good but I’m on the edge of my seat for some dumb mistake, like stepping out of the end zone for a safety. I’ve actually run into him at a Starbucks and he’s a very likable guy.

  3. Before you claim he doesn’t get enough credit, ask yourself what would the offense look like with an actual elite QB. The answer: much, much better.

  4. But the team wanted to draft some goofball kid that no one likes. Everyone likes Jimmy G, that still means something, and a damn good quarterback when healthy. Would take him in Tampa any day if Brady retires and the niners want to be stubborn with their number 2 pick

  5. Jimmy comes in without training Camp,wins his first game over the Seahawks,behind a patchwork Oline early in the season and nobody believes he can win. Now you have him playing with a Ton of weapons,with a Oline thats getting healthy along with a top 5 defense backing him up.Stats don’t lie and Jimmy is playing elite football no matter what the trolls say. If injuries stay away this team will be there in the end,and this could be the best version of the 49ers since Jimmy’s been here.

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