Jets-Bears point spread didn’t change after Zach Wilson benching

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
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A quarterback change usually affects the point spread on an NFL game. Unless the starter is no better than the backup.

And that’s the case with the Jets, who benched Zach Wilson today. The point spread at most sports books for Sunday’s Bears at Jets game was Jets favored by 4.5 before news of the benching broke, and it remains Jets favored by 4.5 after news of the benching broke.

Mike White will get his first start of the season. White is a former Cowboys fifth-round pick who arrived with the Jets after the Cowboys cut him — certainly not a second overall pick like Wilson — but if anything White has looked better than Wilson when given an opportunity with the Jets.

Based on the betting odds, there’s no real difference between the Jets’ two quarterbacks. Robert Saleh hopes White can prove those odds wrong.

5 responses to “Jets-Bears point spread didn’t change after Zach Wilson benching

  1. Team benches starter midweek for a backup who hasn’t played all year and everybody goes “same difference.” Wilson needs to wake up and realize just how bad he’s been.

  2. It would have changed if Flacco was named the starter. I don’t understand Saleh’s decision.

  3. Is it OK to put the BUST label back on Wilson yet or must we wait until week 18?
    This kid hasn’t improved one iota since being drafted!

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