Jets bench Zach Wilson

NFL: NOV 20 Jets at Patriots
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Zach Wilson is no longer the Jets’ starting quarterback.

Wilson, the 2021 NFL draft second overall pick who turned in a disastrous game in Sunday’s loss to the Patriots, will not start this week against the Bears, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

It’s unclear who will start in Wilson’s place. Joe Flacco started at the beginning of this season when Wilson was injured, but more recently Mike White has moved ahead of Flacco on the Jets’ quarterback depth chart.

Either way, it’s the clearest sign yet that the Jets have significant buyer’s remorse on their second overall pick — and that the Jets view themselves as a playoff team, if only their quarterback wouldn’t stand in their way.

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  1. Jets probably are a playoff team without Wilson. I’m a Pats fan and we should have been beaten on Sunday. Yes, our defense is very good, but even great defenses typically allow more than 3 points. Probably any other team in the NFL would have beaten us the way our offense has been playing.

  2. That will hurt the Bears chances to win.

    On a related note, if the Bears sit Fields because of his injury as well, is there really any reason for anyone to watch this game?

  3. why did they not wait to divulge this? could’ve (not of!) been a slight edge perhaps if they waited until the last minute… small thing, but those all add up

  4. I’m sure that had almost nothing to do with what he did on the field on Sunday and almost everything to do with his “not my fault!” comments after the game.

  5. Patriots knock out starting QB’s Ehlinger (Colts) and Wilson (Jets) due to their Defense. We may not be winners this year, but we can hang a banner like Indy does.

  6. The Jets are taking the high road in allowing Zach an opportunity to redeem himself by working his way out of this jam. It’s all on him now. The NFL is not the place to become a man. That was back in college.

  7. Maybe it will be a wake up call. He’s a young guy with his whole life in front of him. NFL quarterback might not be in his future

  8. Wonder if he feels he let the defense down now? Just a thought. Put Flacco in he’s a professional QB. Lets Go Jets!!!

  9. Robert Saleh knows the pulse of his players very well so there appears to be little doubt that the locker room has turned against Zach Wilson and would rather have Mike White or Joe Flacco start at this junction.

    Saleh and co. are sending a very loud message to Zach Wilson here. Start taking accountability, practicing better, and re-gaining the trust of your locker room or you will not have a chance to get this job back.

    None of Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, or Sam Darnold were ever benched in New York despite their significant struggles. What all three had in common that Wilson doesn’t share was being accountable. Still, obviously not benching them didn’t work out for the Jets organization so they are taking a different approach here.

  10. I’m a Pats fan and we should have been beaten on Sunday.


    Based on what evidence? NE’s D is better than the Jets.

  11. The Jets and the Bears both have a long history of drafting the wrong QB high in the first round. The two teams seem to be a mirror image of each other where their histories and their futures are concerned.

  12. It’s a good move by the head coach. If he is losing the locker room, and doesn’t appear to understand he is losing his teammates faith in him, a benching is a good wake up call

  13. Wilson deserves to be benched. Not only has his QB play been the worst in the league, he also refuses to take ANY responsibility for his poor play. YOu can’t fix a problem when you won’t admit that there’s even a problem. The Jets defense played great against the Patriots and he let them down.

  14. They should have pulled him against the Patriots. Send him to Carolina to compete with Baker Mayfield and Sam Donaldson and Jacob Easley.

  15. yahtzee321 says:
    November 23, 2022 at 11:36 am

    Maybe it will be a wake up call. He’s a young guy with his whole life in front of him. NFL quarterback might not be in his future

    Matters not when the trust fund awaits.

  16. He’s 5-0 in games not against the Patriots. This is an overreaction. They don’t play the Pats again until next year !

  17. Very likely that they A) want to salvage a potential playoff berth and B) Front office does not want everyone seeing the direct head to head comparisons between Wilson and Justin Fields this week.

  18. If his pressers are any indication of attitude, at the very least, he needed the bench-sitting kick in the rear.

  19. It had to be done. It seems like the other players were ready to mutiny because of Wilson’s complete lack of accountability after his latest horrible game. He washed out faster than Darnold, but a lot of that seemed to be because of his attitude.

  20. Is anyone really surprised by Wilson’s childish hubris given his off field notoriety and mother’s on line persona?

  21. I think they benched him at least partially because other players on the team have lost faith in him. Several receivers visibly were showing their frustration throwing up their arms in the air at his throws. When your teammates are so frustrated with you that they are demonstrating in that way, it can’t be a good sign. Sitting him for a bit may be good for him in the long term. He needs some more clear messaging and obvious consequences. Step 1 : Be disciplined; Don’t throw easy passes right to a defender; Make sure you connect on the wide open plays. Step 2 : Well, there is a lot there frankly.

  22. When your offense doesn’t score any touchdowns and your position is to be the leader of that offense, you HAVE to take on the responsibility or you just aren’t a leader. And right now, Wilson is not a leader. Maybe he will be someday or maybe not.

  23. I was stationed at Pearl Harbor from 2006-2014, and had Hawaii season tickets every season. BYU is much like Hawai’i in that theri MWC/WAC schedule is inferior. For YEARS I was told Colt Brennan was going to be a stud in the NFL.


    Much like Colt Brennan, Wilson played inferior teams and lit them up.

    Even as a Bostonian, its good to see the jets becoming a force that my patriots will be challenged by. MOVE ON jets! Go get a better option.

  24. Wow. Even when they have a 1/2 way decent team, the Jesters still mess it all up. No way this kid was ready to start in the NFL. Flacco should’ve been the guy this year

  25. GoodellMustGo says:
    November 23, 2022 at 11:33 am
    I’m sure that had almost nothing to do with what he did on the field on Sunday and almost everything to do with his “not my fault!” comments after the game.

    Except he didn’t say it wasn’t his fault he said he didn’t let the defense down

  26. mhouser1922 says:
    November 23, 2022 at 11:07 am
    We’re in Ryan Leaf territory.
    I bet Ryan Leaf would agree!

  27. Smart move. Bold move from Saleh. I love it. Zach Wilson has clearly lost the locker room.The Jets are 5-2 in his starts because of the running game and defense. He has done absolutely nothing.

  28. yahtzee321 says:
    November 23, 2022 at 11:36 am
    Maybe it will be a wake up call. He’s a young guy with his whole life in front of him. NFL quarterback might not be in his future
    I’m not sure if it will be a wake-up call. Zach seems like a total wank.

  29. chickensalad43 says:
    November 23, 2022 at 12:24 pm
    Zach Wilson, Elijah Moore, and two first round picks for Aaron Rodgers?

    What’s in it for the Jets to go that route when other vets like Jimmy G, who is more well-liked in the locker room and has been a better QB than Rodgers this year, would cost nothing but money to acquire after the season?

  30. BB has destroyed more coaches and young QBs than any coach in NFL history. It’s absolutely hilarious.

  31. I feel sorry for the kid. He was told success in college will be success in the NFL, no problemo.
    Now they crushed his ego and its time for him to move on. Canada needs help

  32. Mac Jones remains the best QB of his draft class and that’s not saying much. The 2021 QB draft class will go down in infamy.

  33. The NY media always goes nuts when a Jets or Giants QB goes down in flames. It puts more pressure on young QBs in NY. It’s hard for any QB to succeed in that cesspool there with fans constatly on your back

  34. How hard is it to say “I wish I’d played better”? That’s all it would have taken and he couldn’t do even that.

  35. Reminds me of Steve Young when he was with Tampa Bay. They gave up on him and traded him to Bill Walsh in San Francisco. Hey Jets, Bill Walsh on line 2.

  36. Michael E says:
    November 23, 2022 at 11:27 am

    I’d do a deal with Philly and get Minchew.


    Or better yet, since trade deadline has passed, sign Minshew as a free agent after the season

  37. Shoulda spent less time chasing his mom’s friends around this summer and more time studying his playbook!

  38. Correct me if I’m wrong. Could the Jets have had Jimmy G and Deebo in a package deal at draft time? While their genius front office passed and gloated about what draft stars they are. Asking for a friend.

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