Lamar Jackson out of practice with hip injury, Ravens say he will play

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was on last week’s injury report with an illness and he is on Wednesday’s report for a new reason.

Jackson did not practice on Wednesday because of a hip injury. The illness kept Jackson from practicing last Friday, but he played in last Sunday’s win over the Panthers and head coach John Harbaugh said the expectation is that Jackson will be playing against the Jaguars as well.

“We had an issue from the game,” Harbaugh said, via the team’s website. “He’s going to play in the game, but I just wanted to hold him back and let him rest today for practice.”

Safety Kyle Hamilton (knee), left tackle Ronnie Stanley (ankle), cornerback Jalyn Armour-Davis (hip), and right guard Kevin Zeitler (illness) also missed practice. Running back Gus Edwards (hamstring, knee) was a limited participant.

12 responses to “Lamar Jackson out of practice with hip injury, Ravens say he will play

  1. Hmm that can impact a RB in many ways. Turning and making the single cut up field can be tough on the hips.

  2. Lamar is a GREAT athlete and a really good QB. I said it years ago when he started running too much……….
    If he is not able to take care of his body, he’ll be OUT of the NFL by 2025.
    He’s guilty of trying too hard and opposing defenses are onto him.

  3. Ravens need to get this guy a chef/butler. He’s always sick. Last year he missed most of his practices due to “illness” and now he starting up again this year. I love Lamar, but something is off!

  4. The Ravens have done a terrible job of surrounding Jackson with weapons and their medical staff seems to be horrible. Lamar should demand a trade.

  5. He lost a lot of money not siging that contract before the season he proved he’s a running QB with marginal passing skills.

  6. As a Ravens fan Lamar has been a blast to watch for 5 years now, but I agree with Henry above that we will most likely not sign him to a long term deal. His running ability will decline and his passing ability is what it is. I don’t think he can ever be a consistent pocket passer and they can’t get stuck with declining returns down the road. Big decision this off season as to what they think of his backup, Huntley, because they will have to pay him too.

  7. All of these running QBs will have short careers or at least the risk is higher. Even Allen fails to slide on many occasions. One of these times he too could be in jeopardy. I scoff at the media that constantly harp about the days of true pocket passers are over. Pocket passers are the real qbs. The only reason the NFL is now flooded with the athletic qbs is because that’s all the college teams produce these days. It’s sad that the NFL has just become an NCAA copycat league. So much easier to dumb down your offensive scheme and rely on the running, not passing ability of your QB. Tua and Murray while exciting to watch are already on a shortened career path and they both can be wildly inconsistent. Jackson was league MVP how long ago and this year he looks like garbage.

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