Matt Milano is the AFC defensive player of the week

Cleveland Browns v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills had a tough week, with a massive snowstorm hitting Western New York forcing the relocation of the game against the Browns to Detroit.

But Buffalo overcame the challenges for a 31-23 victory over Cleveland.

Linebacker Matt Milano was a big part of the defensive effort and now has been named AFC defensive player of the week.

Milano was all over the field for Buffalo, finishing the game with 12 total tackles, three tackles for loss, a sack, and a fumble recovery.

According to the league, Milano is the first player with at least 10 tackles, three tackles for loss, one sack, and a fumble recovery in a single game since Pittsburgh’s Ryan Shazier in 2015.

It’s the second time in Milano’s career he’s won a defensive player of the week award.

The Bills will be right back in Detroit, but this time they’ll take on the Lions in the first Thanksgiving game.

5 responses to “Matt Milano is the AFC defensive player of the week

  1. Milano has been the best player on the Bills defense for 3 straight year’s and he doesn’t get the recognition because he doesn’t talk smack, doesn’t sit down with the media and isn’t loud or flashy. He is just an animal sideline to sideline with phenomenal instincts……

    But good guy someone teach him how to catch a ball; he’d easily lead the league with Ints if he had any sort of receiving skills.

  2. Hey Matt, your head better be on a swivel December 18th.

    Don’t think for a second your getting away with that dirty push on Tua and Miami doesn’t have something planned for you, besides another L.

    Our objective will be the W but your the target.

  3. Jarvis Landry while playing for Miami ended a young and promising Aaron Williams career on a cheap shot. No one sought to ruin another man’s life in revenge. Hurting someone doesn’t heal someone else.

  4. It’s almost unimaginable to me that Dolphins fans have convinced themselves that Milano’s push on Tua was dirty. I say almost, because it’s actually quite conceivable when you consider the fact that Dolphins fans are far and away the most delusional fans I have ever encountered, except for maybe St. John’s basketball fans.

    Look no further than the fact that a 4 game winning streak against the murder’s row of Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland has these people convinced Tua will win 4 MVP’s and 7 super bowls when it’s all said and done.

  5. Quite possibly THE most underrated player in the nfl. He is playing at an all pro level, therefore he is an all pro. Best olb in the league!

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