Melvin Gordon: “A wide variety” of teams are showing interest

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Former Broncos running back Melvin Gordon, abruptly cut by the team on Monday, cleared waivers and became a free agent. He can now sign with any team.

So who’s interested in adding the veteran tailback?

“It’s a wide variety [of teams showing interest],” Gordon told Mike Klis of “We’re trying to figure out which situation is the best. There’s a couple teams, at this point they’re setting up for the playoffs, and I’m trying to figure that out.”

Gordon still hasn’t figured out exactly why the Broncos cut him. Outsiders assume it was because of his chronic fumbling issues. Gordon disagrees.

“No, that wasn’t even mentioned,” Gordon told Klis. “It was crazy when I’d seen that. Because [G.M.] George [Paton], when I talked to me, he didn’t mention anything about that. He knew what type of environment it was for me. He knew how I felt toward my situation there and he told me about the fan base and how it’s been tough for me and said he didn’t want to put me through this anymore and with our situation it was probably best.

“He told me I had a lot of football left and he would vouch for me. There’s really no point in keeping me around with the circumstances anymore and he just want me to go out and get my joy back.”

So, as Gordon sees it, he was cut because the fans of the team aren’t fans of his.

“It’s been a hard three years for me there, with this year being the hardest,” Gordon said. “I’m not mad. Came here and I was never on good terms with the fans, but I want to let them know I’m not upset with how they treated me. It’s part of the game. They come with high expectations for their players and I didn’t reach those. It’s no hard feelings.”

He also said he felt at times as if he were “a scapegoat” for the new coaching staff.

“I hope I did save them some time,” Gordon told Klis. “Because [coach Nathaniel Hackett is] a good dude. That staff, they’re great dudes. They just weren’t great for me. But I respect those guys. It was hard there for me. But I respect that organization. They gave me a chance to keep playing my dream.”

The dream apparently will continue elsewhere. He can pick his next destination. If he makes the right choice, he could be playing deep into January — and maybe even into February.

21 responses to “Melvin Gordon: “A wide variety” of teams are showing interest

  1. Teams are always on the lookout for special teams players.
    If you can contribute in other ways, by being perhaps the last back in the rotation, then the better for you.

  2. Denver fans are some of the most uninformed.

    Their management keeps insisting that first ballet HOF QB Russell Wilson is the problem then they’ve really woefully understaffed the offense and the defense.

  3. Russell Wilson is the problem. If he was such a first ballot HOFer do you think Seattle would be better than they were without him?

  4. This is the line his agent told him to say in order to spin his performance, and give him a chance to find another team to take him. If this were dude’s honest take, he’s the most delusional player in the NFL.

    Broncos are super thin at RB. They didn’t cut him to brighten his spirits. They cut him because he turns the ball over A LOT, in the redzone no less, while averaging less than 4 yards a carry.

    And by his reaction to his latest redzone fumble, it’s clear he’s aware that the only consistent element of his game is turning the ball over.

    I’d be surprised if he landed anywhere. He sat unsigned for most of the past offseason, until the Broncos brought him back to backup Javonte. Given how he played this year, I don’t think anyone’s actually knocking on his door, unless they’re tanking.

  5. Does Gordon really believe he got cut because the fan base was against him?
    Some of these players are out of their mind.

  6. Hes not a scapegoat. He just fumbled too much. Once every other game with limited touches.
    And he just didnt have much, if any success with his touches. It was just a simple matter of risk vs reward. They can easily find another not so great RB but, one that does not fumble so much.

  7. Hopefully he does his due diligence and picks a team that wants AND needs him. Following the money would be a mistake.

  8. This guy fumbles like it’s going out of style. Nobody in the NFL has more fumbles or lost fumbles over the last decade. Hard pass.

  9. Whichever playoff teams are showing interest, one piece of advice. Remember…all it takes is one turnover in the Super Bowl to lose it. Just ask Russell Wilson.

  10. You can have lots of skill and ability that are attractive, but the fact he cleared waivers is the truth. No one wants him at his current salary and fumbling problem

  11. The teams that are tanking will scoop him up they in need of a fumbler so the tanking looks a little more legit

  12. That’s a new one, good on him. “Not on good terms with the fans”. I’m trying to think which other team has a fan base will cheer him when he fumbles.

  13. Agree to renegotiate your contract and more teams will be interested.
    Or keep your guaranteed money and then next year take a pay cut if you want to play.

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