Mike LaFleur: I’ve gotta do a better job

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The Jets benched quarterback Zach Wilson on Wednesday and offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur got a chance to comment on that call at a press conference later in the day.

Wilson had a terrible game against the Patriots last Sunday and then made things worse by showing a lack of accountability for his performance during his postgame media session. LaFleur’s response to the benching was focused more on where he felt wrong than where he thinks Wilson went off track.

“First of all, it stinks because I know what kind of competitor he is and what kind of man he is and I wholeheartedly believe that. I’ve gotta do a better job. I’ve gotta do a better job for him, I’ve gotta do a better job for the offense.  It starts with me and ends with me. I’ve gotta figure out a way to reset him, get him back to fundamentally sound football and, more importantly, just consistent football. He’s done some really good things, but I haven’t done a good enough job to get the consistency out of him so that starts and ends with me,” LaFleur said.

If Wilson had shown that kind of accountability after the loss to the Patriots, there’s a chance that the Jets would not have made the move they did on Wednesday. LaFleur said that he doesn’t think Wilson meant it when he said he didn’t feel he let the defense down, but “obviously can’t take it back” and the coordinator added that he hopes it will be a learning experience for the quarterback.

6 responses to “Mike LaFleur: I’ve gotta do a better job

  1. Don’t worry Mike, you will flourish with Mike White. Zach Wilson is the problem. We all see it.

  2. Hey Matt,… you can start by turning over play calling to Aaron. Let him call his own plays. Manning did. Rodgers can see what the defenses are scheming,… apparently you can’t. How many times does Aaron have to come off the field barking at you to figure it out. It’s not about EGO. It’s about trying to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

  3. Seems like everyone in the Jets building is doing their best to emphasize the message of preaching accountability this week.

    Well, everyone except one person.

  4. Seems like both LaFleurs are having trouble with their immature starting QB’s. maybe it’s time to trade them for each other.

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