Seven Michigan State players are charged criminally after fight in Michigan game

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 05 Michigan State at Illinois
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From time to time, NFL players engage in physical violence beyond the period between the snap and the whistle. Although many regard the #assault characterization as a punchline, it’s also the truth.

Football players don’t consent to physicality that falls beyond the scope of the game. When it happens, it shouldn’t be ignored.

Still, football players who inflict violence on other football players beyond the playing of football rarely if ever face criminal charges. From former Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth stomping on the forehead of former Cowboys center Andre Gurode to Browns defensive end Myles Garrett hitting Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolphs with his own helmet to Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald swinging a pair of helmets like Bart Simpson windmilling his fists as he approached his sister, criminal charges have yet to be filed against NFL players for assaulting other players.

A group of Michigan State players weren’t as fortunate. Via Tom VanHaaren of, seven of them have been charged criminally after assaulting a pair of Michigan players in the tunnel after a game between the two teams on October 29.

According to VanHaaren, Michigan State defensive back Khary Crump has been charged with felonious assault. Video evidence showed Crump with hitting Michigan defensive back Gemon Green with his helmet. Green suffered a concussion.

Michigan State defensive end Jacoby Windmon was charged with one count of assault and battery. Five others have been charged with aggravated assault.

However the cases play out, the message is simple. Playing football doesn’t become a blank check to punch, hits, stomp, swing helmets, etc. after a play or a game has ended. Players must know when to turn it off — or potentially face the consequences for failing to do so.

19 responses to “Seven Michigan State players are charged criminally after fight in Michigan game

  1. Can’t they find time during the course of the game to legally knock their opponent senseless?
    Some of these young men are only football talent away from committing the same mayhem to random people in the streets.

  2. MSU football program should be given the death penalty for at least 5 years, this was horrific!

  3. Bring more attention to this. High school players need to see these guys serve time. They deserve to be made an example of. This needs to end here.

  4. I doubt they get jail time but they should be either kicked off the team (if they have athletic scholarships they should be revoked) or at a minimum be suspended a year. ZERO room in college or pro sports for behavior like this..

  5. You won’t see NFL players press charges because they will be blacklisted afterwards. College players, especially non NFL prospects, have nothing to lose by pressing charges.

  6. Typical of Michigan. How snobbish. We’re charges filed against Juwan Howard last year? Bunch of crap

  7. Everyone keeps saying blah blah make an example, they won’t make it to the nfl..

    Forget LeGarret Blount? Jameis?

    Football talent trumps off field behavior nearly all the time.

  8. Environment, mentality, youth…all and more contribute to that kind of behavior. What kind of things are the coaches preaching? What did their parents teach them before going off to college? Football players are treated like royalty and allowed to behavior any they want without fear of accountability. Maybe this the example being set for others to see.

  9. What these guys did was obviously a crime. I spent the first 20 years of my life in the projects. The athletic talent was unbelievable. I was one of those guys until I was 15. Then the real talent became apparent and it wasn’t me. But these talents , like all of us , had another side. Survival.
    Everything is a fight. It doesn’t go away for a while. This has to be a wake up call because I’ve seen how this ends.

  10. This incident didn’t happen on the field. This was outside the scope of a game fight or dirty play. This was assault.

  11. The comments from the MSU interim president were a joke. “Let the story play out…. Restorative Justice…..”

    This wasn’t a 15 yards penalty for unnecessary roughness. This was an assault, pure and simple. Those players should be removed from the football team and immediately kicked out of school. If they were regular students, they wouldve been kicked out the next day.

    This is a very black-eye for MSU and the football program.

    Interim President, you are fired!

  12. The assessment of criminal charges should not be left to “fortune.” Why would Juwan Howard not be criminally charged for his unprovoked physical assault?

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