Todd Downing: Devastating to bring negative attention to Titans

New York Giants v Tennessee Titans
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Titans offensive coordinator Todd Downing met the media for the first time since last week’s DUI arrest at a Thursday press conference.

Downing spoke a day after head coach Mike Vrabel confirmed that Downing would remain in his job after being arrested early Friday morning in Nashville. Downing opened his press conference with a statement.

“I’d like to acknowledge how serious this situation is,” Downing said. “I understand what a troubling and sensitive subject this is and I’m not naive to how much pain there might be for people in similar situations. I’ve put my family through some things they do not deserve. I have an amazing wife and an amazing son who love me unconditionally and I don’t want them to have to endure any more than what I’ve brought on. It’s devastating that my actions or anything that I’m involved with could ever bring negative attention to or distractions to the organization, to the ownership, the front office and, obviously, coach Vrabel. I believe in myself as a man and I believe that I will answer the bell to lead this offense going forward. I thank coach Vrabel and [General Manager] Jon Robinson and [team owner] Amy Adams Strunk for allowing me the opportunity to lead this offense going into this weekend and these guys in the locker room deserve for me to put my best efforts forth in that. Because of the nature of the situation, I know there are a lot of questions. I know people are looking for details and answers and, unfortunately, because of the situation I’m not able to discuss quite a bit of that evening. At the proper time, when appropriate, I will answer any questions that I can.”

One of the details that is of interest is where Downing was drinking ahead of his arrest as it came hours after the team’s victory over the Packers in Green Bay on Thursday night. NFL policy prohibits alcohol at team facilities and on team flights.

Downing declined to answer a question about where he was drinking, but said that he was aware of the ride program available to team employees. He also said that he can’t think of a tougher challenge in his career than moving forward from his arrest.

9 responses to “Todd Downing: Devastating to bring negative attention to Titans

  1. He made a mistake and will have to pay for it. No need to fire him. Learn from it and do better.

  2. Mistake?!! Getting a dui these days is nothing less than stupidity, when safe rides are practically falling from the sky. This guy needs to visit Ariel Young and the family of Tina Tintor, before he starts talking about how he “understands what a “troubling and sensitive subject this is.”

  3. 11 games for a guy that didn’t break ANY laws.

    No games for a guy that LITERALLY broke the law.

    Wonder what the difference is…

  4. The team management opted not to can him. The league is doing an investigation and they will be administering punishment as they see fit. Woder if after the press conference he announced “drinks are on me, boys”?

  5. Downing seemed pretty remorseful during his speech. You could tell he was embarrassed and would rather be anywhere other than that podium. Problem is though that in 2022 there is literally not one decent excuse for driving drunk. Downing was on a business trip with 50+ other individuals listed as teammates/coworkers, how did he end up drink and separated from them? Probably his last season in Tennessee.

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