Tom Brady threatening NFL single-season records for attempts and completions

Seattle Seahawks v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Last year Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady set a new NFL record for completions in a season, and he came up just short of the record of pass attempts in a season. This year, Brady isn’t slowing down.

Through 10 games, Brady has completed an NFL-high 282 passes and attempted an NFL-high 427. (Those numbers lead the league even though the Buccaneers have only played 10 games and some teams have already played 11.)

If Brady keeps up that pace through 17 games, he’ll finish this season with 479 completions and 726 pass attempts. That would come up just short of Brady’s own completions record from last year (485), and also just short of Matthew Stafford‘s record for most pass attempts in a season (727, set in 2012).

The Buccaneers would prefer that Brady not need to pass so much that he threatens those records. In the Bucs’ last game, a win over the Seahawks, Brady threw only 29 passes, far fewer than his season average, in part because the Bucs’ running game had a season-high 161 yards. If Brady does break those records this season, that’s an indication that the Bucs have been forced to pass more than they’d like.

9 responses to “Tom Brady threatening NFL single-season records for attempts and completions

  1. Divorced Brady is every unhappily married man’s dream. Becoming the best version of himself after trying to be someone else for someone else:

  2. Here comes the crying in 3…2…1
    Oh but he’s just a game manager…. He can’t throw deep…. His football has 2psi less than that football, and that means the other team couldn’t score any points, because their football didn’t have the same air pressure as his. Yes Yes I know that air pressure has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not ur defense can make a stop, but it gives us an excuse to cry 😢

  3. If they do anything but run up the middle against this generationally bad Browns interior DL then we’ll know they’re more interested in records than winning.

  4. I would imagine so.

    Takes a ton of 2 yard completions to get to 4000 yards.

  5. Just Brady still outplaying the QBs for most everybody else’s team. Not grabbing a mic or jumping in front of a camera and pushing himself in every fan’s face. Not bragging about it on his podcast. Not putting it out there in social media. Just keeping it to himself and getting the job done. But one analyst notices, mentions his high level of play, and the analyst post becomes a dumping ground of sour grapes with the common theme that Brady is the one who is the diva.

    Folks, if all you have to do in your day is whine about success that you don’t enjoy, YOU are the diva.

  6. Maybe it’s not wise to have a 45 year old QB set a record for pass attempts—especially when the offense lost a few weapons in the offseason.

  7. and he is setting the record for the most 3 yard pass dump offs in history..

    How many?

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