Zach Wilson’s return to the lineup will be up to him


The Jets are putting Zach Wilson on the bench. But they’re not pulling the plug on him.

While it’s rare to have a highly-drafted quarterback take a step back, the Jets believe it’s a necessary step in Wilson’s broader long-term effort to become the best quarterback he can be.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, there’s no timeline on this move. Ultimately, it comes down to when Wilson shows that he’s ready to resume his role in the lineup.

The problem seems to be that, in his desire to be great, Wilson has lost sight of the things needed to be ordinary. The magical moments — no-look throws, sidearm missiles, etc. — don’t just happen. They’re the product of checking the boxes on the fundamentals over and over and over again.

Recently, Wilson hasn’t been doing that. From bad footwork to issues with accuracy on short, easy throws to bad decisions when it comes to going through the progressions, Wilson wasn’t getting it done.

Now, he’ll run the scout team. He’ll get a chance to hit, for lack of a better term, the reset button on his career, while focusing simply on playing the position. Once he shows that he has done it, then he’ll be back under center.

Along the way, those who currently are blaming Wilson for the offense’s struggles may understand that it’s not just Wilson. And then maybe people will realize that things will actually get better once he’s back.

So it’s not the end of the road for Wilson. It’s a fork in the road. And it’s up to Wilson to choose the right path and stick to it.

28 responses to “Zach Wilson’s return to the lineup will be up to him

  1. All he had to do was show a little bit of humility. It’s not about you or what you did or didn’t do on the field. It’s about being a leader and looking within. You can’t be a leader until you can admit your own faults.

  2. Whats with all the love for this guy, just because you hand picked him as great in the last draft ?

  3. Feels like we’ve seen this episode before…highly drafted QB that prefers stylin’ & profilin’ over work ethic, mechanics…you know the things that would make him good.

  4. This may have zero to do with anything, but this idea that 1st round picks HAVE to start almost out of the gate in year 1 might need to be revisited. Maybe the brakes need to start being pumped on these rookie QB’s a little bit.

  5. Maybe he should buy the “How to Adult” book with all that scratch he got paid at #2 overall?

  6. People can change but this would require a full 180-degree shift of his personality. For a player that young and green to show ZERO humility even when playing terribly is not an easy thing to just reset and it’s not easy to win back over a locker room that has turned against you.

  7. Wilson will eventually tell us that he’s done a complete 360 and he’s a changed person.

  8. One guy is learning how to play QB in the NFL, the other guy is learning how to be a head coach. Both jobs take a while to perfect.

  9. “ You can’t be a leader until you can admit your own faults.”

    Greenlantern for the win! Superhero comment.

  10. Humility would have been greta, but it would not have made up for missing wide open short throws by a mile.

  11. I’m guessing the “it’s up to him” mantra includes showing maturity in handling the benching. I don’t think he gets benched without the post game press conference debacle.

  12. Any bets that when he does speak to the team his “apology” will be that he was misquoted/misunderstood and then he’ll throw “we” around a lot implying he’s not the only one who needs to be working harder?

  13. mackcarrington says:
    November 23, 2022 at 2:29 pm
    Wilson will eventually tell us that he’s done a complete 360 and he’s a changed person.
    The 360 wouldn’t work.

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