Bills rally for 28-25 win over Lions

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
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Thursday was not the Bills’ best day of the 2022 season, but they were able to do enough to leave Detroit with a win for the second straight week.

Days after beating the Browns in a game that moved to Ford Field because of a massive snowstorm in Buffalo, the Bills were able to come back to beat the Lions in the fourth quarter. Josh Allen hit Stefon Diggs for a five-yard touchdown with 2:40 left in the game. Kicker Tyler Bass missed the ensuing extra point, which left the Bills up 25-22.

A Jared Goff pass to D'Andre Swift moved the Lions near midfield just ahead of the two minute warning and Amon-Ra St. Brown ran for a first down on fourth and inches a few plays later to move closer to a game-tying field goal attempt. The drive stalled after a third down incompletion, but Michael Badgley tied the game with a 51-yard field goal.

There were still 23 seconds left, however, and Allen hit Diggs for 36 yards to move into the outer limits of Bass’ range. Two Allen runs produced 13 more yards and Bass hit from 45 yards to give the Bills a 28-25 win.

There may be renewed focus on the state of Allen’s elbow after the game as it was a slog offensively Buffalo for much of the second half. Before the Diggs touchdown, they had punted three times and turned the ball over on Allen’s 11th interception of the season.

Allen finished 24-of-42 for 253 yards and his throws didn’t appear to have the same zip that they did earlier in the season. While that didn’t stop him from leading the two late scoring drives or running 10 times for 79 yards and a score, the quarterback’s condition is likely to be of some concern as they head toward next Thursday’s game against the Patriots.

The Bills offensive line was missing center Mitch Morse all day and they had a hard time protecting the quarterback before or after left tackle Dion Dawkins left with an ankle injury.

Dawkins’ health won’t be the only medical concern for the Bills coming out of the game. Linebacker Von Miller left with a knee injury just before halftime and was ruled out immediately. A report during the game indicated the Bills believe it is a sprain, but more tests are coming.

Goff finished the day 23-of-36 for 241 yards and two touchdowns as he continued a run of good play for the Lions and they’ll need that to continue after falling to 4-7 on the season. Another loss probably ends any realistic playoff hopes for Detroit, so next week’s game against the Jaguars will be a big one.

61 responses to “Bills rally for 28-25 win over Lions

  1. Detroit can’t help themselves but to shoot themselves in the foot. Undisciplined penalties are the killer for this team. Buffalo will never make it deep into the playoffs playing this way. They got lucky in this game

  2. If Tua were the QB of the Lioms, they would’ve won that game by 3 TDs.

    Accuracy is the single most important trait.

  3. Buffalo is praying they don’t face Baltimore in the playoffs. They may as well not even get off the bus.

  4. Lions are 4-7. Yes, they have improved. No, they aren’t good. Most of you love their coach. So their fans still love losing?

  5. Not too often the Lions hosting Thanksgiving gives us a fun game to watch but this was. Great game.

  6. Are the Bills even that good? The Media tell us they’re invincible but I see vinc’s every week.

  7. No dog in this fight. That was a good game. I questioned the 3rd and 1 call with .32 seconds left tho.

  8. 3rd and 1 and you try a 20yd pass with 3 timeouts left and the game on the line?? What were they thinking?

  9. Yep, the one player the Lions needed to cover was Diggs and they couldnt do it with 23 seconds remaining.

  10. Gotta feel a bit sorry for the Lions. They fight hard every game and just can’t seem to get over the top, I think it bodes well for their future.

    As too the Bills, maybe they need to rest Allen a game or two as he is definitely not as sharp as he was earlier in the season. They are pretty much a lock (even if Miami wins the division) to make the playoffs but they won’t go far if Allen isn’t at his best.

  11. Injuries are definitely taking their toll. Hopefully Miller and Dawkins don’t have to miss any time.

  12. First time I have seen Detroit this year and it appears that they are on the right track to be respectable. I was impressed on the effort. With 2-1st, 2-2nds and a third round pick in next year’s draft, things could be really good in the future. I don’t believe that QB is the issue. They need to build the team around him. Good luck Detroit fans!

  13. Detroit had an excellent chance to either win in regulation or go to OT, so of course they threw up all over themselves and got neither.

  14. Nice time management strategy by Detroit at the end.

    Detroit deserves better coaching, especially when they’re paying millions of dollars

  15. Lions made the mistake of going for the tie rather than the win. A long prayer that went unanswered on 3rd and 1, and then settling for a field goal on 4th down to tie. A strangely gutless choice for Dan Campbell. 23 seconds is way too much time left on the clock in the modern NFL, especially if you don’t have good defence and that definitely means Detroit.
    And it’s another shaky win for the Bills, with more injuries to boot. They’re an almost lock to make the playoffs, but the bigger question is how healthy they will be when they start. Cause right now they look very vulnerable.

  16. Watched last 4 inches replay multiple time for Lions.

    Should have been winning TD. Bills escaped. Lions good fight.

  17. I don’t understand why Detroit wasn’t going for the win. Why let time off the clock on their last drive.

  18. 8-3 comes in all shapes and sizes.

    Very impressed by the Lions. They wanted it more today.

    Allen had another pretty bad game – but when it mattered, he was great. I’ll take that any day. Gutty, hard-fought win.

  19. Buffalo should have rolled over Detroit
    I just don’t see the Bills going too far in the playoffs.Josh is gonna get hurt using his legs like that…that helmet to the knee which set up the game winning FG looked like it bothered him

  20. Goff had Chark for TD on 3-1 in 4th w 23 seconds left and choked. Harris had safety help on outside and – for some reason – faded outside and made Diggs wide open in the middle, on their game winning drive. #Brutal.

  21. The lions are really improved this year but they still find a way to lose.The Bills pulled it out by being the better team. Lions time clock skills need some work and terrible play calling a couple of them were really bad. 3rd and 1 and youre passing when the run has been working alll day??

  22. Bufalo just stinks. Lose to the Jets and almost fall to the embarrassing Lions.

    Wow. Elite my behind.

  23. I love all the Bills haters. Sour grapes people. Sour grapes. A win is a win. 8-3 and on to NE.

  24. 3rd and 1 blew it for the Lions just run it up the middle for easy 2 yards and tie the game up. Instead Allen gets time to hit Diggs on the edge of field goal range. Bills escaped.

  25. Spotting the Bills five points was the game. Three at the end of the first half by not letting the clock run before the two minute warning. Two for the gift safety on that ridiculous drop back call instead of a run and punt on third and long. Poor time management was the difference.

  26. No matter how many games they win, the BILLS haters come out. A lot of our defense is out and Allen is toughing it out with a bum elbow. Hate all you want. GO BILLS!!

  27. Watch out Lions are headed for better days. Next year they may be NFC N champions and a playoff force

  28. billsrthefuture says:
    November 24, 2022 at 4:10 pm
    8-3 comes in all shapes and sizes.

    Very impressed by the Lions. They wanted it more today.

    Allen had another pretty bad game – but when it mattered, he was great. I’ll take that any day. Gutty, hard-fought win.
    Yeah no style points for wins that all count the same.

  29. The bills will destroy NE next week. Bet the farm. Noodle arm will throw 5 int.

  30. The Bills were in an airplane more than the practice field the past two weeks. They’re living in six feet of snow. They lost a home game having to play in Detroit and then won ugly. Where’s the problem. 8-3 sounds good.

  31. Detroit is tanking . That is why they didn’t have better time management at the end of the game. Will Levis will make the Lions a better team next year.

  32. Hyde, Miller, Dawkins, white, Morse, brown, Allen, Kumerow, Rousseau, epenesa, edmunds, Poyer, crowder, and more. The team is deep, but not deep enough to deal with all that. Unless they suddenly become healthy, I don’t see them going too far in the playoffs.

  33. Lions are on the right track, but Campbell has to tighten up play calling and clock management.

  34. 5 defensive starters or for Buffalo. Center and left tackle out. Still win against an emerging team. That’s pretty good. When healthy, they will roll the loser Pats. Jets and Fins also. A little rest would help also. Allen needs to rest his arm a bit also.

  35. The Bills need to win these kinds of grind-it-out games to help define their identity.
    They’re not going to blow everyone away.

  36. touchback6 says:
    November 24, 2022 at 4:16 pm
    Bufalo just stinks. Lose to the Jets and almost fall to the embarrassing Lions.

    Wow. Elite my behind.
    Nah the Bills are a great team just in a bit of a slump if you can even call it that. I just hope my team can get them to punt sometime that would be a start.

  37. I don’t think there is a QB in the league that plays his 3rd straight game in 11 days with a UCL injury other than Josh Allen. Allen haters can go kick rocks.

  38. Penalties, questionable play-calling, missed opportunities, and loose clock management combined to undermine any chance the Lions had against the Bills. Buffalo won the game as they should have.

  39. Proud of the Lions. That was a great game. With their starting guards they win that game, and even with scrubs they were a fluke missed kick away from a win.

  40. george1859 says:
    November 24, 2022 at 5:20 pm
    Hurt Josh Allen > New England Patriots.

    73Rate This


    New England Patriots 6, Buffalo 0


  41. Josh Allen has ice in his veins and a set of plums that hang way low. Dude is awesome.

  42. Great game by Allen. He’s starting perform well in the clutch. Bodes well for a playoff push.

  43. touchback6 says:
    November 24, 2022 at 4:16 pm
    Bufalo just stinks. Lose to the Jets and almost fall to the embarrassing Lions.

    Wow. Elite my behind


    Meanwhile our offense totaled 3 points against the Jets

  44. At this point is it fair to say that e Bills may have left nothing in the tank since the KC game?

  45. The lions played hard and should have won. They looked faster, stronger and more athletic but it came down to the fact that the bills had Josh Allen (though he didn’t look sharp and tony Romo going on and on about his maybe injury aside…) the bills are hugely banged up team.. they have 3 straight division games and if they don’t win all three they will be a wild card team. It’s looking more and more like the bills are getting snakebit like last years ravens…AFC is loaded and it might not matter if you even have home field.. unless of course you get to play in arrowhead

  46. touchback6 says:
    November 24, 2022 at 6:38 pm

    New England Patriots 6, Buffalo 0



    Buffalo 47, New England Patriots 17 (in the playoffs)


  47. I hadn’t watched a lot of the Lions this year, but I was impressed by Jared Goff. Poised, clean and accurate. He’s matured a lot. Now if he can just do something about his facial expression; he always looks stunned.

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