D.J. Reed: Zach Wilson “definitely earned” respect with what he said Wednesday

New York Jets v New England Patriots
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After Jets quarterback Zach Wilson lost his starting job on Wednesday, he spoke to reporters about his response to his performance in last Sunday’s loss to the Patriots.

Wilson went 9-of-22 for 77 yards in a game that the Jets lost 10-3 on a punt return touchdown in the final seconds and then said he didn’t feel like he let the team’s defense down. That comment led to bad feelings in the team’s locker room and Wilson said on Wednesday that “the way that I handled the situation wasn’t right.”

Wilson said he also spoke to his teammates directly about what happened and cornerback D.J. Reed said that the quarterback’s words were well received.

“What he said was very genuine,” Reed said, via Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post. “It came from his heart. It was very real. He definitely poured his heart out. If he didn’t already have it, he definitely earned and gained everyone’s respect from what he said today.”

Mike White is starting this Sunday, but the message from the Jets was that they want Wilson to use this time to reset himself with eyes on a return to the lineup. It’s not clear when that might happen, but handling the fallout from his comments was a necessary part of that process.

9 responses to “D.J. Reed: Zach Wilson “definitely earned” respect with what he said Wednesday

  1. Nah, what comes out of the mouth unfiltered is the heartfelt truth. Anything after that…and a meeting with his agents P.R. department is Bull…

  2. What is the time table for a recovery from a brain transplant?… I don’t think he’ll be back anytime soon

  3. How does one earn respect for mouthing off and then a couple days later apologizing because they were called out? The apology shouldn’t earn the respect back, the weeks and months of their hard work and actions afterwards should. Too many give way too much worth to words and not nearly enough worth to one’s action.

  4. I can certainly forgive and forget. But take a look at the best young QBs today. They all have the same thing in common. Whether it’s the infamous mother incident or the post game press conference, the best young QBs don’t have the same distractions.

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