In Year 6, Patrick Mahomes ties Dan Marino for most 300-yard games in first 7 seasons

Greg Cote: The NFL blueprint for Patrick Mahomes was set in Miami in 1983 ⦠his name was Dan Marino
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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has started his career by putting up passing numbers like no other player in NFL history.

The latest example: Mahomes had the 37th 300-yard passing game of his career on Sunday, which ties the record for the most 300-yard games in a player’s first seven NFL seasons. Dan Marino, with 37 300-yard games from 1983 to 1989, has owned the record since the 1980s.

But this is only Mahomes’ sixth NFL season, and he only played in one game as a rookie. So Mahomes has reached 37 300-yard games far faster than Marino did: Mahomes has started 73 games in his career; Marino got his 37th 300-yard game in his 101st career start.

After Mahomes and Marino, the player with the next-most 300-yard games in his first seven seasons was Andrew Luck, who had 33 games of 300 passing yards in his seven-year NFL career.

28 responses to “In Year 6, Patrick Mahomes ties Dan Marino for most 300-yard games in first 7 seasons

  1. Mahomes has started 73 games in his career; Marino got his 37th 300-yard game in his 101st career start.

    People gonna say blah blah blah it’s a passing league now, well this record has stood since the 80’s so please save your words.

  2. Yeah but I’d love to see him play under the same rules. Back then QBs could be hit and corner backs could practically tackle a receiver while the ball was in the air. Different times, different rules, different records.

  3. Marino’s is still far more impressive. In the 80s and early 90s 300yd games were a lot more uncommon where today every QB hits that mark a couple times a year. Someone should look at a variance among their peers. Marino today would be routinely putting up 400yds per game with the rules and protections they have today.

  4. And this means absolutely nothing.
    The game has changed so much from Marino’s era to Mahomes’ that this comparison is thoroughly ridiculous. And that’s not to understate Mahomes’ ability, but only that Dan Marino, especially his insane 1984 season, was so dominant with his passing ability like no player, before or since, ever has.
    Just look at the top passing yardage per season totals, and you’ll notice that outside of Marino the rest of the top 30 is entirely comprised of QBs who played in the past 15-20 years.
    In that mentioned 1984 season, Dan Marino threw for 5 084 yards and 48TDs, marks that were insane for that time period. Since the rules changes during the last twenty years, those numbers have been replicated more and more, so much so that Marino’s record yardage year isn’t even in the all time top ten anymore.
    The game has dramatically changed, and the ‘records’ are no longer comparable.

  5. It’s not Mahomes’ fault but the reality is if he played in the same era as Marino there’s no way he’s close to that record.

  6. Except Marino played in an era where WR didnt have stickum wgloves and defenders were actually allowed to defend WR routes and QB was allowed to be hit

  7. but remember how much different the rules are today. if Marino was playing today under today’s passer-friendly rules with the team around him that Mahomes has, his passing yards and TD’s would be out of reach. and I love Mahomes, too! but Dan is premier!

  8. If Marino was playing with the rules in place now he would probably have 50+ games of 300 yards passing in the same amount of time. Think about how many Superbowls he could have won playing today’s game.

  9. Mahomes is insanely good but this achievement is undoubtedly easier in this “hamstring defense at all cost” era of the nfl.

  10. Another dumb statistic. If Mahomes doesnt win it all this year, just another failed year of expectations.
    With or without Hill because this team has too much talent.

  11. I think Mahomes is the best in the last 30+ years, but Joe B will be right behind him on this same path. Burrow is more like Marino though, he’ll end up never winning a Super Bowl and still being considered the top five ever.

  12. In fairness to Marino, the game is completely different now. Brady is 45 and he led the league in passing yards last year. When Brady was 27, 4000 yards in a season was a huge accomplishment. Pre-2000s it was harder, and it the 80s it was harder still. Marino’s records were crazy given the time, particularly the single season TD record he held for a long time.

    That takes nothing away from Mahomes, who has been incredible. However, we should acknowledge Marino was so far ahead in terms of passing in comparison to the rest of the league.

  13. With how the game and rules have changed from there to now, not surprised! Dan would eat the league alive today if he could be a posed threat to run as well! Good job Heinz Ketchup!

  14. Mahomes seems like a good kid. Hopefully Reid doesn’t squander his career like Shula did Marino’s

  15. In the final analysis, all the great NFL quarterbacks are judged on the basis of Super Bowls wins. Even with his superior individual statistics, Dan Marino was overshadowed for years by Joe Montana and his 4 SB wins. Likewise, in more recent years, Montana has taken a backseat to Tom Brady and his 7 SB wins.

  16. duss1221 says:
    November 24, 2022 at 11:47 am
    Except Marino played in an era where WR didnt have stickum.
    Every receiver from at least Fred Biletnikoff on used stickum — even after it was banned in 1985. Not only did Jerry Rice use it (even though he joined the league four years after the ban) he stated flatly that “everybody used it!” Google “Jerry Rice stickum” if you don’t believe it.

  17. Different time & definitely a tougher NFL when Marino set that mark. Mahomes gets to add his name & good for him but he MIGHT of lasted about 2 seasons in the late 80’s with Defense’s allowed to really hit a QB & playing the way he does in today’s NFL.

  18. It’s still impressive. In 1986 6.6% of regular season opportunities resulted in QBs throwing for over 300 yds. In 2021 as a result of rule changes and teams just passing more 10.1% of regular season opportunities resulted in 300 yd games. Marino threw for over 300 yds in 36.6 % of his opportunities or about 30% higher than the league rate. Mahomes has thrown for over 300 yds in 50.7% of his opportunities or 40.6% higher than the league rate. Which…uh…40.6%>30%.

  19. I figured this would bring out the “yeah,but” crowd. The article mentions Marino because he’s the record holder – what about the other QB’s since then? Just another record that Mahomes has rewritten…it’s awesome to have a QB so good that the other fan bases hate on due to jealousy. The kid is still humble and not his fault the media sings his praises due to extraordinary talent.

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