Report: Odell Beckham to visit Cowboys on Dec. 5

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirmed Odell Beckham would visit the team after Thanksgiving Day, but Jones didn’t say when.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that the visit will take place Monday, Dec. 5.

Beckham also reportedly will visit the Giants, which is where he began his career in 2014 as a first-round draft selection. The G.M., head coach and quarterback have changed since he was there.

The Cowboys have openly recruited Beckham for weeks.

The overriding question always has been about money: Are the Cowboys willing to pay Beckham what it will take to sign him?

The Chiefs, Bills and 49ers also could have interest in Beckham, who is coming back from a torn ACL in Super Bowl LVI.

14 responses to “Report: Odell Beckham to visit Cowboys on Dec. 5

  1. The most over rated and self hyped player not even on a NFL roster right now. He isn’t even that good!!

  2. So that means saying he makes a decision that night or the next morning the very earliest he could play for any team is week 14 and it’s looking much more likely he doesnt play til wk 15 at the earliest

  3. Anyone who thinks he’ll be good this year doesn’t know anyone football and ACL recovery

  4. OBJ still has skill (though certainly diminished). He would help a roster. I think it’s ridiculous that he wants to pick week 14 or 15 to make his “triumphant” return to the field. It will take him time to learn the playbook, nomenclature, etc of that particular team. So everyone buys into him being the difference maker for the playoffs? Maybe in his prime. And he is well past his prime.

  5. Old Jerrah’s really desperate if Dallas signs OBJ – unless it’s a “prove it” type contract. And then I still believe it’s a bad signing…but it looks like the Bills are off the hook for now.

  6. OBJ will want to be the number one receiver if he signs with the Cowboys. His signing will allow the Cowboys to move Lamb to the slot, where he’s the most dangerous.

  7. Getting a little late in the season to get him ready. Like this less and less the longer it drags on

  8. And he will make the Cowboys offense worse. The Cowboys will make an effort to force the ball to him to make him happy and justify signing him. Cowboys need to make the run game the focus of their offense and mix in the pass.

  9. One other thing . . . this Dallas team is really good. I don’t know why you’d risk upsetting the team chemistry by adding OBJ who is a volatile personality. Also, as others have indicated, how is he going to value add so late in the year learning yet another system? Not sure this is the move for Dallas.

  10. They don’t need him. In fact, they may live to regret it. They’re better off without him, so they should stop groveling.

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