The Playmakers personalized bookplate bargain is back


Yes, it’s back.

On November 1, as a one-day only thing, we made a simple offer. Anyone who buys a copy of Playmakers that day and follows the specific steps listed at the publisher’s website gets a signed and personalized (up to 10 words) bookplate (fancy word for sticker) that can be added to the front page of the book.

We’ve decided to bring it back. And not just for one day. (I don’t know why in the hell I agree to these things.) Starting on Black Friday and continuing through December 11, anyone who buys the book and follows the appropriate steps gets the signed, personalized bookplate by December 23.

Then, ideally, you can combine the bookplate and the book and give it to whoever you need to give a gift to.

Here’s the link to buy the book. Here’s the link to get the free bookplate.

And to be clear, the book and the bookplate come separately. You’ll get the book. Then, the bookplate will arrive.

To summarize, buy it tomorrow. Upload the information tomorrow. And make me spend the entire month writing messages like “nobody gives a shit about your fantasy team” and/or “don’t waste your time reading crap like that.”

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