Report: OBJ to visit Giants, Bills, Cowboys (in that order)

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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Free-agent receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is ready to start making his free-agent visits. And despite all the chatter about OBJ going to see the Cowboys, they’re third on his current itinerary.

Via Josina Anderson of CBS Sports, Beckham will visit three teams in this order — Giants then Bills then Cowboys.

Anderson also reports that conversations continue with the Chiefs and Ravens.

Not mentioned are the 49ers, who were believed to be in the mix for Beckham’s services. The Rams have disappeared from contention, as have the Packers.

It also makes sense to keep an eye on the possibility of someone swooping in out of nowhere, like the Rams did a year ago. The longer this process takes, there’s a chance some team will say, “Screw it, let’s go get him.”

It’s hard not to think the Eagles are at least pondering the possibility, given the value of keeping him away from the Cowboys or the Giants. Ditto for the Bucs, given that they are surging — and that they have Tom Brady at quarterback.

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  1. Now that Cowboys OC Kellen Moore has finally discovered his tight ends can catch, the Cowboys don’t need Odell, especially with their dept at WR. The Bills and Bucs seem to be a better fit. The big question looming should be just how much does OBJ have in the tank?

  2. I think that our own Bills (other than Stef) need to figure out where they are running and how to KEEP running until #17 releases the ball.

  3. KC needs a WR but this guy is a head case. Don’t want him rubbing off on Toney or messing up anything else. Reid might be able to handle him but you’re 8-2 without him. I’d rather get Eric Fisher and put him at RT.

  4. So confused about the thirst for this guy, who was a damaged goods diva until he played like… two good games for the Rams before sustaining a major injury. He is no magic pony.

  5. He makes zero sense for the Giants. Its November 25 and he isnt practicing, yet. The Giants have been overachieving this year, but they are not a superbowl team.

    Finally, the Giants have almost no cap space. The only way this works, is if he is signed for next season. I don’t see this happening

  6. I said this weeks ago that the eagles were a dark horse in all this if nothing more than to jack the price up on another NFC team. This order can’t make the cowboys feel good, if the giants or bills actually want him, they’d be wise to not let him leave the building. Only one thing is sure; if the cowboys sign him, their “fans” will be anointing them Super Bowl bound. If they don’t sign him, they’ll say they didn’t need him & they’re Super Bowl bound. In reality, Beckham just needs to decide if he wants a shot to win or if he wants to be golfing after the wild card round.

  7. A few thing going on here. The order he’s visiting is the reverse of what he truly wants. He’s gonna make the cowboys sweat to squeeze as much cash as he can out of them. Plus he wants to display multiple team interest as well.

  8. We’ll, with Von vouching for him, that’s good enough to not listen to the BS. OBJ would find an instant and welcoming home here in the 716. Buffalo would make him our own.

  9. This Chiefs fan is a no on OBJ. The number 1 passing offense in the NFL doesn’t need the distraction/disruption he would bring. Hard pass.

  10. Cowboys need to stay away. Ceedee is playing up to his potential and the TE room is loaded. They’re fine without him

  11. Why why why are they treating this guy like Jerry r8ce in his prime and a free agent?? He’s is now an average wr with above average name recognition above average headache potential above average distraction ability above average cancer to a team, nothing above average about his ability anymore if there ever was. Coming off a 2nd acl tear come on and you k ow he probably did the least rehab to get ready he’ll he has been traveling around the country drumming up interest in his decision instead of putting the work in to really be ready to play again all hype no substance typically wr

  12. Can’t wait till this guy picks a team so we don’t have to hear about this anymore. I’m not a betting man but if I was forced to wager a guess I’d say he’s probably washed and won’t help whichever team he ends up with

  13. What’s so hard to understand, this was set up so that Jerry’s last and he beats the best offer.

  14. I think there’s a reason he’s saving Dallas for last.They’ve pretty much already offered him a contract.The only puzzling thing is why the Giants & Bills even want to talk to him.It’s not going to be a “don’t let him leave the building” situation.

  15. If he’s able to sign with any team at anytime, he might as well wait for a clearer playoff picture.

  16. There are only going to be about 2-3 regular season games left that he could be effective enough to be worth the effort and money. NFC East could look a lot different by then, and he won’t be putting up big numbers so I’d be avoiding those teams and look at the Dolphins, Titans and Ravens instead.

  17. Beckham was great in 2014-2016 but that was 6 years ago. He’s had two ACL tears in the same knee, a broken leg, a sports hernia, and other injuries since then. He’s young in normal human terms (30 years old), but he’s old for a pro football player with so many injuries. Most players need a full year of recovery to play well again after a first ACL repair. Beckham hasn’t even had 10 months of recovery since his second ACL tear. He played well in a few games for the Rams last year, but it wasn’t as if he was playing like Stefon Diggs, Justin Jefferson, or the Beckham of 2014-2016. It seems like it wouldn’t make sense for any team to sign Beckham with any guaranteed money beyond this season, and hard to see why a team would sign him for the rest of 2022 unless it was in an incentive based contract with most pay coming for game appearances and performance in games.

  18. See Gallup playing lately? Seen the Tight Ends starting to be a big role in the offense?

    OBJ wants to come aboard, ok… but no need to break the bank on a few week rental…

  19. He chose the Cowboys last for a reason. Jones wants the guy and Prescott is begging him to play in Dallas. The Cowboys will give him the money

  20. Let the auction begin!

    Autioneer’s Voice: I got 2 years 2 years for 20 million, do I hear 3 years for 35? Do I hear 3 years for 35? C’mon now keep up coming! You sir with the paddle up say you 35! SOLD! Prize goes to the desperate franchise that overpaid for this damaged diva relic.


  21. OBJ still makes defenses account for him, so essentially at the very least, he takes at least 1 defender out of the play as a decoy and opens up the other side of the field or underneath stuff .
    I just wouldn’t pay him too much

  22. He can’t help the Bills. The current receivers are the only part of that team functioning well. The defense is decimated, the quarterback is playing hurt, the running backs simply aren’t good enough to carry the team (though Singletary is looking better lately and Cook is clearly developing). OBJ just puts more pressure on Josh to spread the ball around when he should be getting it out faster to avoid the hits agitating his elbow. The Bills don’t need more receivers, they need literally anything else.

  23. springfield says:
    November 25, 2022 at 10:56 am
    KC needs a WR but this guy is a head case. Don’t want him rubbing off on Toney or messing up anything else. Reid might be able to handle him but you’re 8-2 without him. I’d rather get Eric Fisher and put him at RT.

    You don’t want him rubbing off on Toney?!? I think you DO! OBJ has at least grown up since his first couple of hot head years. He could probably teach Toney a lot about “Here’s what NOT to do in your career.” Toney is actually way more of a head case than OBJ.

  24. Players tend interview with the team they prefer, last. That way, they know what the other offers are and they can try to get their favorite team to match or beat the other offers.

  25. It would be a cool story if he went back to the Giants (at least for me, a Giants fan who actually liked the guy) but I dont see it making too much sense. These last 2 weeks have shown us that the Giants were obviously overachieving this year. Injuries and reality have set in….I dont know if we even win another game this season.

    Schoen has a tough job ahead of him going into 2023….he has to really prioritize. I dont see Odell as a priority.

  26. The Pats could use an actual #1 WR. Meyers is the best WR in the team and he would be at best a #2 on most teams and a #3 on some

  27. bbb82 says:
    November 25, 2022 at 12:06 pm
    Thought he loved the Rams?
    The Rams decided that they wanted to see other Wide Receivers so….

  28. sonoran71cat says:
    November 25, 2022 at 12:47 pm
    OBJ still makes defenses account for him, so essentially at the very least, he takes at least 1 defender out of the play as a decoy and opens up the other side of the field or underneath stuff .
    I just wouldn’t pay him too much
    So a team would want to sign him because, “he takes one defender out of the play?” Couldn’t they line up literally any stiff signed off the street, and a defender would have to cover him?

  29. Doesn’t matter where he goes. Chiefs win the AFC b/c the Bills are materially and medium term injured – not to mentioned out-coached in that space – says a Bills fan from the 60’s….

  30. Not even Dick Vitale could turn this vapid saga into something that would pique my interest.

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