Robert Saleh: We’re preparing to face Justin Fields

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The Jets have announced that they will have a new starting quarterback this weekend, but the Bears have not made any announcement about who will be taking snaps on Sunday yet.

Justin Fields injured his left shoulder last weekend and said on Wednesday that he’s not sure he’ll be able to play at MetLife Stadium this weekend. Trevor Siemian will start if Fields can’t play, but Jets head coach Robert Saleh said on Friday that he’s preparing to see Fields on the field and will adjust if necessary.

“If he plays, we’re going to hit him. If he doesn’t, we’re going to hit the next guy,” Saleh said, via Al Iannazzone of Newsday.

The Bears have a practice Friday before issuing injury designations that should provide more of an idea about who the Jets defense will be tasked with hitting on Sunday.

4 responses to “Robert Saleh: We’re preparing to face Justin Fields

  1. Everyone wants to hit Fields. It would appear that the officiating would let them get away with it. This kid doesn’t get the roughing calls that other quarterbacks seem to get. Sure, he is a tough kid but come-on. The refs in this league suck. Not enough consistency.

  2. Jets get at least 1 personal foul call every week, usually against qbs and usually undeserved. I have no doubt they will get one against fields especially with the Bears highlighting the issue lately.

  3. since the awful call on JFM which took away a Pick 6 and altered the entire season, I have seen at least 5 hits that were later which were not called. The Zebras are inconsistently awful.

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