Taylor Decker: We aren’t the same old Lions

Detroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills
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Left tackle Taylor Decker has been with the Lions since 2016, so losing games on Thanksgiving is nothing new for him.

The way the Lions lost this Thanksgiving was a bit different, however. They came into the game with their first three-game winning streak since 2017 and had a 22-19 fourth quarter lead over the AFC East club. The Bills offense found its footing in the final minutes and a key third down pass by Lions quarterback Jared Goff to DJ Chark went incomplete, which led to a 28-25 loss on their home field.

When the game was over, Lions head coach Dan Campbell he feels “like we are continuing to take a step” despite the loss and Decker shared a similar sentiment when comparing these Lions to ones from previous seasons.

“This isn’t the f—— same old Lions,” Decker said, via Nolan Bianchi of the Detroit News. “We’re gonna go out there and we’re gonna get our respect and we’re gonna earn that respect. We came up short today, but week in and week out, we know we’re gonna go out there and we’re gonna bring it, and we’re not gonna get done. We’re gonna keep fighting, and those will turn into wins against those sort of high-caliber teams. I think we’re still trending up. I really do.”

Campbell also pointed out that the team has a small margin for error and they exceeded that margin with iffy clock management, penalties, and other missteps on the way to Thursday’s loss. Eliminating those vestiges of past teams will be the next step for the Lions to take as they work to complete their transformation.

11 responses to “Taylor Decker: We aren’t the same old Lions

  1. I think people (mainly media and shout show analysts) need to pipe down on the Dan Campbell commentary. There seems to be a sentiment that he’s sort of a caricature of a football coach from decades past as if being a tough guy is frowned upon nowadays. Because 2022. Well guess what, this is the toughest, most fun to watch lions team in what 25yrs. I know they haven’t made the playoffs since they played my team in like 97 or something. Good for Detroit, and good for Dan Campbell who had the lions playing their guts out every week. I’m pulling for them

  2. Easy to see that coaching lost this game. The Lions played for a field goal instead of trying to win the game by scoring a TD. A real pathetic effort of clock mismanagement.

  3. Kind of sick of how they aren’t the same old Lions. They continue to lose. Not a big fan of Dan Campbell and his coaching either. But hey everyone says he has changed the culture. Same results though.

  4. Campbell is getting a lot out of this team. They’re the second youngest in the NFL and are competing every game. The culture IS changing with this coach and things ARE improving. They’re fun to watch and if they can clean up of the extra, continue to play hard and make some wise adds this offseason I’ll be rooting for them. Rather watch these guys than the ENTITLED Rams (excluding Donald/Kupp of course).

  5. Well yes you are because only the crappy teams ALWAYS find a way to lose and im actually not a hater of them> Its good for the NFL if they are winning games. Campbell needs to go but alas he has a 5-year guarantee so he’s not going anywhere.

  6. Seems the Brad Holmes drafting, not the wasted picks from the Fat Pat and Quinn days, are actually becoming effective.

    Dan def needs to get better at clock management in late half/ game situations, but the intangibles, like the team becoming better and playing for him, are surely showing

  7. “ Easy to see that coaching lost this game. The Lions played for a field goal instead of trying to win the game by scoring a TD. ”

    They did go for a TD on 3rd and 1 w 32 seconds left. They had it. Goff missed Chark. If they run the ball on 3rd and 1 and don’t get 1st down or lose yards, you’d probably criticize that too.

    I have watched this team for 41 yrs. They are on the rise.

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