Signs point to no Justin Fields on Sunday

Chicago Bears v Atlanta Falcons
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In recent weeks, Bears quarterback Justin Fields has become one of the most exciting players in the NFL. We may have to wait at least another week to see him play again.

Per multiple reports, Fields isn’t likely to play on Sunday against the Jets. He made the trip to New Jersey, but it’s currently looking as if he won’t suit up.

ESPN’s version is more pessimistic than NFL Media’s. The former says Fields is “not expected to play.” The latter contends that Fields will get a chance to go through pre-game warmups before making the decision.

The most obvious indication that Fields likely wouldn’t go came earlier in the day, when the Bears elevated quarterback Nathan Peterman from the practice squad. He would serve as the game-day No. 2 to Trevor Siemian, who will start if Fields doesn’t play.

Siemian played for the Jets in 2019, starting one game.

Fields injured his left (non-throwing) shoulder late in last Sunday’s loss to the Falcons. It has been described as dislocated, but multiple reports rebutted that claim. Regardless, it’s injured. And Fields apparently won’t be playing, based on current reporting.

14 responses to “Signs point to no Justin Fields on Sunday

  1. Smokescreen by Chicago’s coach since Wednesday:

    Why would he or the GM risk the future Franchise QB when the team is already toast?

    He will not play the rest of the year, if the team’s coaching staff and the GM are smart…..

  2. Most dynamic QB in the league right now. Threat to pass and run. My sympathies for those that don’t like QB’s that are mobile but it is 2022. Get with the times.

  3. The way he runs he will get hurt alot. Lamar jackson runs smart. he does not. He needs to learn to run smarter, not faster

  4. If the Bears win out or perhaps even if they lose 1 more game, they will be in the playoffs. That’s the only reason I could see him still playing. Very winnable game, weak division this year. But if he doesn’t play it’s not simply because they’re packing it in on the season, it’s because he legitimately can’t play. They have so little offensively without the guy.

  5. Almost every rook QB takes off like a rabbit when he first plays in the NFL. Then the game eventually slows down for them, and they actually begin doing those things any NFL QB has to know how to do to succeed in the NFL. Fields has never learned them and because of his notoriety running, probably (more than likely) will never learn them. He’s blinded by the “most exciting” type comments to realize those runs are also keeping him from developing into a real QB.

    This injury is just the first in the long line that will eventually cost him his career. Exciting? sure. Effective? 3-8 and losing the last 4 in a row say NO! Fields is a personal stat machine of the worst kind. Good RB for the moment, but a QB bust.

  6. For all you non believers out there
    Da bears still have a shot today?..hell no jets d is gonna have a field day today!!!

  7. Bears are hoping to lose and this goofy Jets fan is acting like today is the Jets Superbowl.

  8. Smart move, 3-8. Tank for the highest pick possible to surround the kid with weapons and offensive lineman. Top 3 pick will get a draft pick haul for some team who covets Young, Stroud or Levis.

  9. Goofy and weird Jets fans acting like playing the Bears today is their Superbowl, when the Bears are tanking for a higher draft spot for their rebuild. Can’t make this up.

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