49ers shut out Saints 13-0

New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers
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Nobody will use Sunday’s game between the Saints and 49ers as a textbook example of offensive football, but there are plenty of ways to win and the 49ers defense did more than enough to get the team a victory at Levi’s Stadium.

The Saints picked up 260 yards, running back Alvin Kamara lost a pair of fumbles, and defensive end Nick Bosa came up with a timely sack to propel the 49ers to a 13-0 home win. The win moves them to 7-4 and it will leave them in first place in the NFC West regardless of what happens with the Seahawks.

Bosa’s sack came on a fourth down with just over six minutes left to play. The Saints moved to the four-yard-line after a defensive holding penalty on Deommodore Lenoir, but Andy Dalton threw three straight incompletions before Bosa’s sack closed the door on any comeback hopes.

Kamara’s fumbles came on the first drive of the day and on the 49ers’ one-yard-line a bit earlier in the fourth quarter. The Saints also missed a field goal and committed a number of costly penalties on both sides of the ball over the course of the proceedings.

The 49ers had their share of miscues and they seemed content to sit on their lead while letting the defense lead the way in the second half. Jimmy Garoppolo finished 26-of-37 for 222 yards and a touchdown. Running back Elijah Mitchell ran well, but left the game with a knee injury and Christian McCaffrey managed just 32 yards on 11 carries on the afternoon.

They’ll move on to one of the marquee matchups of Week 13 when they host the Dolphins.

The loss drops the Saints to 4-8, but they’re somehow not out of the mix for the NFC South title at this point. The Buccaneers and Falcons both have five wins and the Panthers are also 4-8 after Sunday’s games and the Saints have games against all of them before the season is out. It’s probably not realistic that these Saints will suddenly start playing well enough to stack together wins, but the same could be said of every team in the division.

A Monday night trip to Tampa is on tap for Week 13 and anything but a win there will make it a lot harder to keep even the faintest hopes of a playoff berth alive.

22 responses to “49ers shut out Saints 13-0

  1. Just imagine how good the 49ers could be if they had stuck with Jimmy G and still had their three 1st round and one 3rd round picks?

  2. Jimmy G and Co. weren’t exactly firing on all cylinders but efficient enough to cash in on those that solid defensive performance.

    Next week is the real test against the former protege and his high power offense.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  3. Saints had their chances….a missed field goal and 2 missed opportunities in the red zone, and even Houston will beat you.

  4. Niners should carry the torch the rest of the way in that division. Seahawks and Geno are definitely seeing the end of their 15 minutes of fame, and revert to the middle, where they belong.

  5. Saints defense held up well except for 3 very costly penalties.(penalties a seasonong problem). The offense had 5 or more dropped passes. Dalton was very accurate overall. Multiple fumbles and terrible red zone play calling were killers. 49rs defense against the run was superb. As usual, saints beat themselves.

  6. daytontriangles says:
    November 27, 2022 at 7:38 pm
    Just imagine how good the 49ers could be if they had stuck with Jimmy G and still had their three 1st round and one 3rd round picks?

    About the same as now. The most talented roster in the league with a mediocre QB who will probably blow it at some point.

  7. The Aints suck. This is what you get when you name Winston and Kamara as ream captains. No leadership – no character.

  8. Long-time Saints fan here. They haven’t been good in several years (even before Brees and Payton left), but once Brees and Payton did leave, I had a feeling we’d be looking at several years of rebuilding. But hey, we’ve been there before! (as has every other team.)

  9. These analysts go on and on and on about the 49ers but who have they beaten and they beat the saints by 13 points big deal

  10. Ok “long time Saints fan”, they weren’t good for several years even before Brees and Payton left??? Wtf? Their last losing season was in 2016 and that was 7-9. Since 2017, their records year by year were 11-5, 13-3, 13-3, 12-4 and 9-8. In fact, they had the best win percentage of any NFL team between 2017 and 2020. I have no idea what team you thought you were watching or what team you think you’re a “long time fan” of.

  11. Win is a win

    Only a fantasy football, new age non educated fan complains about a 13 point win. Let alone a shutout win in the NFL

  12. My soapbox: Shanahan is not an offensive genius and never has been. Watching the NFC divisonal game against GB that was 13-10. How many times do we have to watch SF struggle to score before we stop blaming Garappolo and everyone else– this is a conservative, no frills offense. If this team makes it out of the NFC then that is a testament to how bad the NFC is in terms of offensive creativity.

  13. DrewSports says:
    November 27, 2022 at 9:23 pm
    Mac Jones or Justin Fields would have been superb on the Niners


    No thank you and HELL NO!

  14. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    November 27, 2022 at 7:49 pm
    The 49ers should have drafted Mac Jones.


    Dude, give it a rest. Your team has a really good defense and Mac just can’t get it done for you. We don’t want him with the Niners. Let it go. You should have kept Tom Brady but Bill and Tom’s egos couldnt handle sharing the spotlight any longer. What a shame for your pats. So sad.

  15. The Saints are suffering from Kamara….or is it actually Karma. Either way it is pay back for the illegal, unethical and immoral game in 2009 where they cheated their way into the SuperBowl along with duplicitous officials who refused to call penalties on the absolute mugging of Brett Favre. Bountygate, Disgraceful, I will never forgive them for it.

  16. I feel for the Aints fans. They threw away their face bags and now they’ll have to try to remember how to put another bag on their head.

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