Aaron Rodgers questionable to return with oblique injury

Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles
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Aaron Rodgers was sacked on the third play of the second half, taking a hard hit in the midsection from Haason Reddick and Brandon Graham. The medical staff surrounded him before the next drive.

Rodgers stayed in the game but was grimacing every play.

He was in obvious discomfort as he led the Packers to a field goal, cutting their deficit to 34-23.

After leaving the field, Rodgers jogged directly to the training room.

The Packers announced he is questionable to return with an oblique injury.

Jordan Love is warming up on the sideline, readying to enter the game on the Packers’ next possession.

Rodgers, who also has a thumb injury, also took a hit to the head and neck area from Reed Blankenship, who was penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness.

Rodgers is 11-of-16 for 140 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions.

25 responses to “Aaron Rodgers questionable to return with oblique injury

  1. Historic night. The Packers future begins with Love. Rogers leaves the field for perhaps the last time.
    Aaron now has a reason to go home for the season.

  2. Collinsworth attempted to keep his Rogers worship session going, including a remark that an easy 10 yard TD throw to an open receiver is “something you see from one of the best.” It all quickly fell apart.
    Stick a fork in ‘em cheeseheads, they’re done.

  3. bye Aaron, I won’t say I enjoyed you in the NFCN, but I had to appreciate your skill. Best of luck in future endeavors.

  4. Several fans have texted and said that grimacing look on my face suits me a lot better than my usual smirk. They say the grimace is getting worse watching Love play much better than I have all season. If this keeps up I could get benched. What a way to end my career.

  5. And thus ends the illustrious career of a one Aaron Rodgers as the Packers qb. No real sense to play him again.
    As TS Elliott once said, not with a bang but a whimper.

  6. When it’s the kind of injury that makes taking in breath painful,you have to feel for the guy,no matter how off-putting he is at times.

  7. As a physician, I can vouch that there is zero legitimate evidence of Rodgers having a SIGNIFICANT fracture of his thumb. If he did, it would be incapacitating, and he would have to sit out like Dak, and need surgery. He has been milking it. This new injury, however, seems legitimate, or he has exacerbated the minor thumb injury for it to become significant.

  8. Aaron isn’t even on the bench talking to Love or anything. This guy doesn’t care about the team or the other players, just getting his.

  9. Tonight was going to be Rogers last game this year regardless. He doesn’t do 4-8 seasons. The team responded to Love though. The future is bright on offense.

  10. GB fan here: Rodgers will go on IR this week and Mr. Love will start the rest of the games as a tryout before he is granted his 5th year option.

    Then Rodgers either retires or after 6/1/23 is traded for a #1 to Carolina.

  11. He’s not retiring lol. And he isn’t tradeable due to his contract. I don’t understand why these analysts don’t look at contract numbers before talking about trades,etc

  12. Did somebody actually type the team responded to Love? He threw to a wide open receiver due to a blown coverage. I could’ve made that throw. S for the last drive he had a short field. If they thought he was the answer Aaron would not have been signed. I’m pretty sure they know better than you. I don’t care who is QB, they have to score 45 points per game with their awful defense.

  13. That’s ok it’s time for Love to play just like when Favre was replaced it’s high time we trade him for
    some much needed draft picks. And yes we can trade him he’s not blind it’d be beneficial for all involved.

  14. Didn’t like Rodgers’ End of game comment that he’ll start next week against the Bears. Say it ain’t so, Matt! Someone in GB has to say they’re shutting down Rodgers for the year just to see what Love has.

    Nothing makes more sense.

  15. It has been a great run for Rodgers in Green Bay. His single Superbowl victory ranks him ahead of every Quarterback without a Superbowl victory. That’s a lot of Quarterbacks! He may not have reached the lofty heights of the dozen quarterbacks with more than one ring, or the legendary status of a currently active Quarterback with seven rings, but he certainly stands shoulder to shoulder with the other single ring holders such as Jeff Hostetler, Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson to name a few.

  16. Any Packers fan hoping the Jordan Love era has begun probably hasn’t seen how bad he is. The Packers need to draft a quarterback in the spring draft and it better be one that can play NFL football.

  17. A crossing route taken to the house with a yac master (2nd in plays over 20 mph this year) like Watson and a handful of decent throws doesn’t replace a hall of fame qb. That said he still looks better than fields , cousins and Goff.

  18. arealisticpackerfan says:
    November 27, 2022 at 11:14 pm
    Aaron isn’t even on the bench talking to Love or anything. This guy doesn’t care about the team or the other players, just getting his.


    WOW! The guy can’t even go to the locker room to be checked out??

  19. I missed the second half. I’m assuming the Eagles played a soft zone with the 10 point lead and Love got a few free yards. It will be fun to see him play a whole game and throw a couple picks.

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