Chiefs improve to 9-2 with 26-10 victory over Rams

Los Angeles Rams v Kansas City Chiefs
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With all the injuries the Rams are dealing with on offense, the Chiefs entered Sunday’s game with a massive advantage.

Los Angeles kept it close for much of the matchup. But Kansas City still won 26-10, improving to 9-2 on the season.

Armed with a 20-10 lead, the Chiefs looked like they were going to put the game away either with a field goal or a touchdown with 8:55 left in the fourth quarter. But on third-and-goal from the 4-yard line, quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw an interception to safety Nick Scott.

But making his first pro start for the injured Matthew Stafford, quarterback Bryce Perkins tossed an interception of his own a play later, with defensive back L'Jarius Sneed picking off the pass. That led to another Kansas City field goal to make the score 23-10. Harrison Butker would add one more after another Perkins interception, giving his club a 26-10 advantage.

Though the Rams let up 26 points, they did frustrate the Chiefs’ offense in the red zone. Kansas City converted just one of its six red-zone opportunities into a touchdown.

Mahomes finished 27-of-42 for 320 yards with a touchdown and an interception. He also rushed for 36 yards. Travis Kelce finished with four catches for 57 yards and a TD — a 39-yard pass that opened the scoring.

On the other side, Perkins was just 13-of-23 for 100 yards with a touchdown and two picks. He was Los Angeles’ leading rusher with 44 yards on nine carries. Van Jefferson led the club with three catches for 29 yards with a TD.

The Rams had just 13 first downs and finish with only 198 total yards. Kansas City had 29 and 437 in the same categories.

With the win, the Chiefs are 9-2 and remain the AFC’s top seed. They’ll visit Cincinnati for a key matchup against the 7-4 Bengals next week.

The 3-8 Rams will host the Seahawks in Week 13.

20 responses to “Chiefs improve to 9-2 with 26-10 victory over Rams

  1. The Chiefs are going to be hosting a 5th straight AFC Championship game. Mahomes is now entering that status of making anyone he plays with better. People will want to take a pay cut to play with Mahomes. He’s paid that big contract because this will happen. Hey NFL, say hello to your new daddy for the next 10-15 years.

  2. Andy Reid as well, every year he’s able to tinker away and reload this team, and he’s been doing it his whole head coaching career. But what else can you expect from a dissident from Bill Walsh’s coaching tree. I know he never coached directly under Walsh but that knowledge was passed on through Mike Holmgren. And Andy’s own coaching tree ain’t nothing to sneeze at either. I’m a fan of great football and that’s what this team brings each and every week.

    Appreciate greatness haters, we went from the Patriots dynasty to this one. It’s a great time to be a football fan

  3. Normally I’m not thrilled when Reid seemingly takes his foot off the gas, but against a Rams team that was clearly depleted it was important to do just enough to keep the game out of reach for them without walking away from this game with a critical injury.

  4. Chiefs’ fans are so precious.
    You’re supposed to beat bad teams like the injury depleted Rams. Won against a third string quarterback with a decimated offensive line and wide receiver corps and they’re thinking they’re a Super Bowl favourite again. That’s some laughable amount of confidence from such an expected victory.
    KC has wondrous success against backup QBs or bad teams, though they barely beat the Titans with Malik Willis starting a couple of weeks ago, but the fact remains that their defence is a sieve and will be tested in January. You can’t always have the ball last to win games…

  5. Easiest game the Chiefs will play all year. Especially against a team without Stafford and Kupp. Chiefs may be the number 1 seed again but that does not exactly guarantee them a Super Bowl berth. Although in the regular season other than their next game against the Bengals they all look pretty for Kansas City.

  6. The announcers were certainly working hard to cover for Aaron Donald when he reached out and stopped Mahomes by the face mask by chalking it up to “bad luck”. Naturally a fine, upstanding player such as Donald would never do something like that intentionally.

  7. Rams showed a lot of fight considering rank and the guys they play with right now. But boy is the lack of draft picks supplementing the talent definitely starting to show and rear its head.

    Even if they don’t make the playoffs this year or next, and have to blow it all up, i think you have to give the team credit for going all in and winning a super bowl.

  8. It is going to be a Kelce vs Kelce super bowl this year. The rest of you NVSSOBs can take a hike.

  9. I’m a KC fan and I’m not making any predictions to jinx them–its only week 12.In the playoffs, the redzone carelessness by Mahomes and these special teams miscues have to get corrected. KC won this game going away thanks to the D and that’s all it was– another win in the race for a 1 seed. The D has played well all season and doesn’t get much credit. And the special teams has played below average all season and cost them the Colts game outright.

  10. Welcome to Jungle next week. They’re going to get destroyed. KC won’t admit it but Cincy is in their head

  11. 6burgh says:

    “People will want to take a pay cut to play with Mahomes. He’s paid that big contract because this will happen.”

    That “big contract” is looking cheaper every day.

  12. Lets not forget that the Rams defense is a Superbowl winning, high priced who’s who defense. Its a really good defense still and they did slow the Chiegs in the red zone. Also, in theory anyone dressed out in an NFL uniform can play football at a very high level. The Chiefs definitely have their flaws, but they have navigated the toughest schedule in the league to a 9-2 record. Thats taking everyones best shot and most injured stars that have been out, magically find a way to come back in time for their Chiefs match up. Chiefs are beatable, but home fueld in January will make ut tougher for anyone to do so.

  13. mahomie says:
    November 27, 2022 at 8:32 pm
    Chiefs toyed with the Rams tonight.

    Agreed. I got the distinct impression at times that the Chiefs were experimenting on the offensive side, especially with the RBs.

  14. Seemed like the Chiefs weren’t even really trying that hard. Experimenting and letting some of their young players get the focus.

  15. randomjoeblow says:
    November 27, 2022 at 8:36 pm
    The announcers were certainly working hard to cover for Aaron Donald when he reached out and stopped Mahomes by the face mask by chalking it up to “bad luck”. Naturally a fine, upstanding player such as Donald would never do something like that intentionally.

    They spent a lot of time talking about Donald and didn’t even mention that Chris Jones is actually having a better season and is ahead of Donald in just about every category this season.

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