Deshaun Watson set for reinstatement Monday

Cleveland Browns Practice
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The Browns won’t have quarterback Deshaun Watson for Sunday’s game against the Buccaneers, but they should have him for their Week 13 game against the Texans.

Sunday’s game is the 11th of the year for Cleveland and it is the final one of the suspension that Watson received for violating the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy. Watson was accused of sexual misconduct by more than two dozen women and he has settled more than 20 civil lawsuits filed against him.

In addition to the suspension, Watson was fined $5 million and ordered to follow a treatment plan in order to return to the field. Per multiple reports, Watson has complied with those terms and is set to be reinstated on Monday.

The Browns have said that the plan is for Watson to replace Jacoby Brissett as the starting quarterback once he’s eligible to play. Assuming he does take the field against his former team on December 4, it will be the first regular season game for Watson since the end of the 2020 season.

27 responses to “Deshaun Watson set for reinstatement Monday

  1. The fact that he will be reinstated just in time to face his old team tells you all you need to know about what the league actually cares about.

  2. Leaving aside Watson’s horrible personal conduct (which really cannot be left aside), the Browns decision to sign Watson to the largest guaranteed contract in NFL history was crazy. At his best, before the scandal news broke, Watson was a very good QB. He might have been among the top 6 or 7 QBs but no sensible people considered him in the top 3 or 4. He never made first or second team All-Pro. In his big statistical year in 2020, the Texans went 4-12. No surprise he threw for 4,800 yards, the Texans were behind in most games and we’re playing unsuccessful catch-up. When the Texans made the playoffs in 2018 and 2019 it wasn’t as if Watson carried them there single handedly. They had All-Pros DeAndre Hopkins and JJ Watt. Watson made the Pro Bowl those years but so did several other Texans like Jadeveon Clowney.

    When you add Watson’s huge personal sexual misconduct situation, it makes no sense that any team would break the bank for 5 guaranteed years to get him. It makes much more sense to sign a medium level veteran to 2 years of lower guarantees and spend the cap money on other positions than to put it all on a potentially very good QB with very questionable personal issues.

  3. I hope the browns do not make the playoffs this year and they’re not rewarded for signing him.
    Next year his 50 million salary kicks in and they will have a much harder time dealing with that

  4. Watson is an electrifying player and the Browns will be happy to have him in the lineup. As a bonus the other 31 teams and all their fans will have a supervillain to root against.

  5. No one cares. I think most fans are disgusted by this guy. I am guessing there are punters that are selling more jerseys than Watson.

  6. Real life. Gross. Disgusting.
    Fantasy football. More important than real life. Save my season bro!

  7. But Pete arose can’t be around baseball. Another leftist narrative of kilter. Some people don’t deserve second chances. This guy is one of them. I hope the browns never win another game. EVER

  8. All NFL teams share revenue so by supporting any NFL team, you are supporting a degenerate like Watson!

  9. If they’d flex the Cleveland Houston game to Sunday night it would beat the Dallas New York games ratings.

  10. Looking forward to some fresh allegations hitting the news wire on his reinstatement day.

  11. Now he can resume the garbage time stats he is known for. Down 20 in the third playing against a prevent D.
    Good job Browns.

  12. I agree with the other person who posted I hope he blows his knee out against Houston and never plays again

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