Justin Tucker: It’s heartbreaking to miss a 67-yard field goal because I know I can make that

NFL: NOV 27 Ravens at Jaguars
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The Ravens’ loss in Jacksonville today ended with Justin Tucker missing a 67-yard field goal, and Tucker said afterward that he was disappointed in himself.

Tucker, who set an NFL record with a 66-yard game-winning field goal in Detroit last year, said the offense did its job by getting the ball across the 50-yard line, and he thought he could make it from 67.

“The fact that we got there in the first place, with the completion to Josh [Oliver] on the sideline, the fact that we had a chance and I just didn’t deliver, it’s heartbreaking to me. It’s disappointing, especially when it’s a kick that I know I have the ability to make,” Tucker said.

Tucker is the best kicker in NFL history, and if there’s anyone who can make a 67-yard field goal, it’s him. But he came up just a few yards short, and the Ravens lost a game they thought they could win.

18 responses to “Justin Tucker: It’s heartbreaking to miss a 67-yard field goal because I know I can make that

  1. lol!!

    You’ll never, ever be clutch Vinatieri as he heads to Canton. That’s the difference.

    Clutch vs not so clutch. If you can make it, you would have made it, Justie Tuckie.

  2. I thought for sure that he was going to break his own record. He’s still the GOAT of place kickers,no matter what.

  3. “yeah I should set an NFL record since I’m so good” Good to see that Tucker has the same humility as his head coach.

  4. Should’ve done high knees on the flight there and maybe you wouldn’t MISS, big guy.

    RaVeNs FlOcK lEtS fLy 🤡

  5. The Baltimore Lames need a starting quality QB. Lame is a running back and the team needs someone who scares a defense by his passing talent. What a crock that this team has to rely on its kicker to win games that its fake QB can’t win.

  6. Yeah this guy may be the kicking GOAT. Too bad it’s not nearly enough to make up for his coach or QB’s blunders. But it does keep the Ravens preseason record intact.

  7. The Ravens should have never put Tucker in a position to have to make that kick.They allowed the Jags to march down the field and score the go-ahead TD/ 2 point conversion. Another blown lead late in a game.

  8. The Ravens would be winless without Jackson and Tucker. Oliver should not have scored and left so much time on the clock.

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