Matt Eberflus: Justin Fields getting better, couldn’t protect himself today

NFL: NOV 27 Bears at Jets
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Bears quarterback Justin Fields did not play in Sunday’s 31-10 loss to the Jets because of a left shoulder injury, but the Bears aren’t ready to make any determination about his availability against the Packers in Week 13.

After the loss, Bears head coach Matt Eberflus said that the call will come down to “his strength” because Fields was not strong enough to do what was necessary to play this week.

“We think that he’s getting better every single day,” Eberflus said, via Alex Shapiro of “He felt better every single day. At gametime today he wasn’t ready to perform and protect himself. I suspect we’ll see where it goes.”

Trevor Siemian got the start in place of Fields on Sunday despite suffering an oblique injury in pregame warmups.

7 responses to “Matt Eberflus: Justin Fields getting better, couldn’t protect himself today

  1. It’s the Bears defense that can’t protect themselves. What a disaster that group is. Hard to see the Bears sniffing the playoffs until at least 2024. They need new starters at all but 2 or 3 positions on both sides of the ball and much better depth everywhere. And if they miss on what looks like will be a very high draft pick, the rebuild will take even longer.

  2. He’s your future. You don’t send him out there injured when this season isn’t going anywhere.

  3. Hope he can play next week against Packers. If not, cool, rest him, Bears aren’t going anywhere this year so shut him down if needed

  4. They even make excuses for him when he’s not even playing !

    This guy is untouchable

  5. Field’s may be the answer, or may not be. It will be hard to evaluate him from behind a pitifully weak line while throwing to makeshift receiver corp. Even the best would struggle under such circumstances.
    To quote Joe Montana “I don’t throw bullets to balloons, I throw balloons to bullets.” Field’s at this point hasn’t had any bullets to throw to and has had to make too many plays on his own. Until he does, and he isn’t one-hundred percent, they should shut him down. You can’t really evaluate or develop him with such shoddy support.

  6. Honestly… the bears are pretty confident in his skills at this point. If he’s not well, don’t play him as we’ve been tanking since we got rid of Roquan and Quinn… Fields has just been stepping up his game (as have been the coaching calls) so that MOST of the games have been a lot closer. Defense is definitely where we need some draft picks used for next year and at 3-9, we need a couple more of those 3 win teams to win and have us at a top 3 pick for the draft.

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