Mike Purcell, Russell Wilson downplay exchange, saying Purcell was trying to provide “spark”

Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers
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Broncos teammates Russell Wilson and Mike Purcell said after Sunday’s loss to the Panthers that their is no dissension between them.

Running off the field in the fourth quarter, Purcell was caught making a beeline to Wilson and yelling at the quarterback. It did not appear friendly.

Wilson, though, said the defensive lineman simply told him, “Let’s f—ing go.”

“Mike and I are on the same page,” Wilson said, via Parker Gabriel of The Denver Post. “He came off after we kicked the field goal, and he was pissed off. He said we’ve got to f—ing go. I agreed. . . . There’s no animosity. We’ve got to win.”

Purcell said he was trying to provide a “spark” when he approached Wilson.

“We are in this together. Period,” Purcell said, via Nick Kosmider of TheAthletic.com.

Entering this week, the Broncos had allowed the third-fewest points per game in the NFL this season but had scored the fewest. They lost to the Panthers 23-10.

36 responses to “Mike Purcell, Russell Wilson downplay exchange, saying Purcell was trying to provide “spark”

  1. Russell is losing the locker room.

    Time for Hackett to show Walmart ownership that he can make a difficult decision – bench Russ!

  2. They need to cut Purcell.

    You can’t have a defensive hack addressing the first team HOF QB without going throuigh the proper channels.

  3. How could anyone feel like they can confront the boy-king? This is Russ’ team to ride so get off if you can’t accept all the blame for his poor play.

  4. Damn that was ugly. Wilson has the worst contract in NFL history. Why did they sign him like that before he EVER took one snap from them?? And he didnt play the pre-season.

  5. Green Bay could have hired Evero to be their Defensive Coordinator but went with proven failure Barry. One of several bad decisions during the off-season that sent the car out onto the track this year with three flat tires.

  6. You have to wonder what’s wrong with Denver. Maybe it’s coaching. Maybe Russ Isnt in the playbook. Something doesn’t add up.

  7. Put Pete Caroll in the hall of fame today for finding a way to even be competitive with Russell Wilson. Put the Seahawks GM in there too for pulling off the most lopsided trade in NFL history.

  8. The Broncos are a disaster, with no logical reason to believe that it can change in the next 7 years. I find that delightfully hilarious.

  9. bruce4 says:
    November 27, 2022 at 5:39 pm
    Starting to look like the Broncos traded for the wrong QB in Seattle.

    Starting to? I think they knew that after week one!

  10. This team is pathetic, no sense of urgency until game is out of hand! How many times does the same pass have to be deflected or knocked down before an inexperienced qb moves, let alone someone who has been in the nfl 10 years. Wilson is a joke!! Defense is fed up with carrying his lazy butt and giving a half assed effort. Going to be a lot more quitting and yelling in the next 6 weeks. End of the season can’t come soon enough!

  11. That wasn’t the right way to approach Russ.

    You have to text his manager first to get on his calendar.

  12. To those who think the Broncs are stuck with Wilson’s contract for several years, there are indeed some options. If I understand it correctly 160 million was guaranteed. Additionally, somebody said that 57 million was paid this year. That would leave about 103 million in guaranteed money. due. Therefore the GM can pull the QB’s agent into the office and offer to buy out the contract for something like 75 million. Wilson could easily accept a deal like that because it would enable him to cut a different deal somewhere else.

    However, I think they should keep Wilson and boot Hackett now.

  13. “shudah handed off to beast mode”

    Nah… Made much more sense to throw a pass to your special teams gunner in front of the guy who spent the previous 3 years on your team practicing against that play.

  14. You mean the media made much ado about nothing? It’s almost like it’s the half dozenth time this has happened just this year.

    Remember when Hamler couldn’t throw his helmet for any reason other than a loathing hatred specifically for Russell Wilson? Always trying desperately to stir something.

  15. Tom Brady says:
    November 27, 2022 at 6:27 pm
    I don’t think Doug Baldwin and Richard Sherman have stopped laughing all seasoN
    So was Seahawk coach Pete. LOL!

  16. This whole offseason couldnt have gone worse for the Broncos. Its crazy how ineffective and lost Russ is. Its true. The team does not like this guy. Its not all on Hackett. Unless hes the one responsible for getting Russ in Denver then yes it is all on Hackett. If not then Hackett got screwed. Will get one year, if that to coach a grossly overrated Russell Wilson led offense to at least the playoffs minimum, which they wont make. The grossly overrated Russel Wilson will get at least three Denver HCs and several years before his time is up. Dont kid yourselves. If the Broncos could do it all over neither would be there and Russell would have the same record in Seattle as Geno does now and still be disgruntled over not being paid as one of the top QBs and people would still be complaining how Seattle should just pay the guy. Life comes fast and you dont get many do overs.

  17. It’s NOT Russell Wilson’s fault. It’s the lousy play-calling. They had only ONE SINGLE reverse that was….successful. Blame the running backs. Blame the offensive line. And Blame the coaches.

  18. SORRY. Do you really think Josh Allen could do better with this Broncos team? Russell doesn’t have Diggs or even his old teammates from Seattle – he has NO ONE to get open. If he had Diggs and a great offensive line, then sure complain and mock him.

  19. Looks like someone from “team 3” is here to do some damage control.

    Russell Wilson’s current stats:

    58.9 completion percentage- 31rst in league
    82.3 passerating for 29th in the league

    8 TDs in how many games?

    Nobody believes you, you don’t even believe you. A huge part of The broncos failure is Russell Wilson.

  20. I thought the Jets fleecing Seattle was bad but damn Broncos!!! I would’ve never saw this coming to the point where I’m very happy for Seattle and their future. You guys still can’t find a QB are in purgatory unless Wilson somehow reverts back to Seattle days

  21. tahuyaman says:
    November 27, 2022 at 8:18 pm
    Pete Carroll and John Schneider sure suckered the Broncos.


    They suckered just about everybody. 13 weeks ago most of us thought that the Seahawks were fools for letting a “top-tier” QB go for Drew Lock, Noah Fant and some late first-round draft picks (The Broncos were supposed to be championship contenders after trading for Wilson). The Seahawks didn’t just sucker the Broncos….

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