RedZone audience misses end of Raiders-Seahawks, by rule

NFL: NOV 27 Raiders at Seahawks
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It wasn’t quite Heidi Part II, but plenty of Raiders fans missed out once again on a thrilling conclusion, when their ability to watch the overtime victory over Seattle came to an abrupt end.

Fifty-four years ago this month, NBC opted to stay true to its schedule, leaving a Jets-Raiders game at 7:00 p.m. ET for Heidi, a made-for-TV film. Today, RedZone pulled the plug on Raiders-Seahawks when it was the only game still being played.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, that’s the rule. RedZone isn’t Sunday Ticket. When only one game is still being played on RedZone, the RedZone broadcast ends, in deference to Fox or CBS.

So, basically, once there was only one game, RedZone basically would have become a co-broadcast of a game that CBS was televising.

The problem in this case was exacerbated by the fact that RedZone host Scott Hanson mistaken told the audience to watch the rest of the game on CBS. Hanson has tweeted that he thought the game was being televised nationally. But it was a regional broadcast with a small national footprint. For everyone who wasn’t otherwise getting the game on a local CBS affiliate, it was time for 60 Minutes, and not the minutes over 60 that the Raiders and Seahawks played.

It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way it goes. Once one game remains on the air, the only way to see it is to be where it’s being broadcast, or to have Sunday Ticket.

12 responses to “RedZone audience misses end of Raiders-Seahawks, by rule

  1. I flipped over to CBS and saw Anderson Cooper doing a feature on dogs and genetics on 60 minutes. It was a pretty interesting segment but I did want to see the OT. I’m old enough to remember the Heidi game and that was the first thing I thought of.

  2. …or just have a VPN, pay 1/3 of the price for the international package, and watch as much of any game as you want on a live broadcast. Pretty simple really.

  3. Scott Hanson needs to stop talking over the highlights on Red Zone! He sounds like a 12 year old in his room pretending to be an NFL announcer. Only talk between scoring highlights not during please! Hanson is one of those people who knows about football but does not know football – has no football instinct at all even though I hear he was on the practice squad at Syracuse. He loves telling us what we already know. Hanson doesn’t realize most Red Zone watchers have way more NFL knowledge & instinct than he does. Red Zone is supposed to be about the football not Scott Hanson. Shut up please!!

  4. The rule doesn’t apply to international viewers, though, and since I’m based in the England, I got to see the end of the game on RedZone, which was cool. Sucks for the US viewers though. NFL contracts are big enough that you’d think that they could sacrifice a little bit of money in the TV contracts to allow RedZone viewers to catch the like one or two competitive endings they miss out on a season. Especially in this case where they’d only be taking viewers from a small number of markets.

  5. Yup, had to wait for the every touchdown closing segment before finally seeing that play. The Heidi game was way worse !!

  6. A simulcast shows the CBS production with their announcers and their commercials. Why would they care which channel their content was being played on? Wouldn’t having CBS content (and ads) broadcast to a larger audience accross multiple channels be in their best interests? It does serve to remind me that the NFL cares only about the money and not about the fans at all.

  7. Technically they missed nothing, it was a meaningless game for both teams.

    Garbage time football.

  8. remizak says:
    November 28, 2022 at 9:24 am

    That was infuriating.


    So is watching the Raiders lose 3 out of four games a month.

    No difference, plus that game was completely pointless for the Raiders, they’re just moving further away from a good draft pick. SMH

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