Report: Aaron Rodgers has avulsion fracture in thumb

Tennessee Titans v Green Bay Packers
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It’s arguably no coincidence that, with Green Bay’s playoff chances circling the drain — and with quarterback Aaron Rodgers looking particularly inaccurate during crunch time of a Week 11 loss to the Titans — more information has been emerging about a thumb injury through which he has been playing.

With the Packers at 4-7 and a stiff challenge coming tonight at Philadelphia, the foundation quite possibly is being put in place for Rodgers to slide to injured reserve, once the Packers’ playoff hopes are dashed, not mathematically but for practical purposes. That could come as soon as tonight, if the Packers lose and fall to 4-8.

Rodgers himself first disclosed that the thumb is broken, in the days after he heard boos following a pair of bad throws in the fourth quarter of the loss to Tennessee. Now, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Rodgers has an “avulsion fracture.”

Rapoport writes that the injury is “serious enough that surgery is almost always the answer to fix this type of injury.” He also says that an avulsion fracture “causes the ligament to rip away from the attachment, taking some bone with it.”

Sounds painful. Given that description, it’s incredible Rodgers is playing through it.

Incredible he’s playing through it,” Rapoport tweeted.

What did I just say?

I’m not disputing the extent of the injury. I’m not disputing, as Rapoport asserts, that the injury will heal only with surgery. I’m not disputing, as Rapoport explains, that surgery will happen “only after Rodgers is done playing for this season.”

Here’s my point. If, as Rapoport characterizes the situation, it’s a near-Herculean task for Rodgers to keep playing, he’ll be done playing for the season when it looks as if the Packers won’t be playing after Week 18.

The Packers won’t likely won’t have a problem with that. Rodgers slipping to IR would give the team a chance to get Jordan Love ready for 2023. When Rodgers’s thumb, and the rest of his body, likely will be long gone.

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  1. The Packers won’t likely won’t have a problem with that. Rodgers slipping to IR would give the team a chance to get Jordan Love ready for 2023. When Rodgers’s thumb, and the rest of his body, likely will be long gone.


    They could’ve done what the Cowboys did and have the surgery and let Love play. Record wouldn’t be much different and you’d have a healthy Rodgers down the stretch but it’s all about Rodgers in Green Bay.

  2. Rodgers is under contract I believe two more years, he’s not going anywhere, he won’t go out on a losing record, he’s too arrogant, with a year of experience with new receivers and the talent that is not being used correctly on the defensive side of it a new defensive coordinator would probably do wonders for this team.

  3. I’m guessing that the avulsion fracture actually happened in the brain, and it occurred several years ago.

  4. If he has been playing with a broken thumb, then he was not giving his team the best chance to win. That is because he is a very self centered individual.

  5. So the injury is so severe that it’s incredible he’s playing through it, yet the Packers still thought he’s been giving them a better chance to win this season than a healthy Jordan Love? Sounds kinda messed up to me.

    Thinking the sooner Green Bay moves on from Rodgers, the better off they’ll be.

  6. Makes sense to sit Rodgers with that thumb problem as it has affected his throws no matter what he says. Of course, what else is he supposed to say about the thumb? There’s throws since the injury happened that he’s made in his sleep that haven’t even been close now. Should the Packers lose and it probably will happen, time for Love to show what he has or hasn’t.

  7. Given the terrible contract The Packers gave him they are stuck with him for a few more years.
    A couple of years ago the Packers could have traded him and begun rebuilding.
    Instead they did not face reality and double down and are now in a terrible situation for the next few years.

  8. The Packers have a lot of problems this season, but the defense isn’t one of them. They rank 16th in scoring, and that’s only because the offense can’t stay on the field long enough to give them rest. They didn’t allow a touchdown against the Niners in the playoffs as well.

  9. Rodgers just doesn’t want to show he no longer owns the Bears next week.

    Will Packers get fined for not showing him up on the injury report? I think not.

  10. If the Patriots QB had a broken thumb that went unreported for several weeks the keyboard warriors would be calling for BB’s job. I would take a 7th Rd pick to send a message here. Can’t have league MVPs coving up injuries that are apparently affecting the outcome of games.

  11. So what’s his excuse for all the bad throws prior to week 5. It’s over, he has the Packers in a salary cap bind. Next year the Packers will be last in the division. It may even happen this year.

  12. I doubt he’s even hurt. His ego would never let him walk away simply because he can’t play anymore. Just an excuse to walk away and blame an injury.

  13. It makes complete sense for Green Bay to place Rodgers on IR stat. The team always plans for the long term. When he goes on IR, there should be a statement that the Packers want him back next season repaired and fully ready to go. This gives Love an opportunity to show what he can do, and gets Rodgers maximum time for surgery and recovery.

    If Rodgers decides to retire, so be it — he’s earned it. But that also gives Green Bay the benefits of a more full view of what they have with Love, which they really do not have now.

  14. Enjoy today Packers fans. Your 30 year run with an HOF QB will come to an end after today.

  15. 2 HOF QB’s. 2 Super Bowls in 30 years. Like Favre, Aaron’s ego limits his potential. Now he’s old and hurt, too.

  16. To the people saying he wasn’t on the injury report….he totally is. Google. He’ll be back for GB in 2023. Good luck to the NFL. Usually when he’s written off, well he wins MVPs.

  17. 2 HOF QB’s. 2 Super Bowls in 30 years. Like Favre, Aaron’s ego limits his potential. Now he’s old and hurt, too.

    Favre threw chances away. Literally.

    Rodgers wasn’t given enough chances. The Packers failed him over and over again.

  18. That contract

    You’ve been told over and over again its not holding the Packers back in any way.

    Take the hint, maybe?

  19. Longtimepackerfan says:
    November 27, 2022 at 12:06 pm
    His X-Rays wouldn’t be proof for some.


    You have his X-rays to share? We will wait. Didn’t think so, but thanks for playing.

  20. Maybe aaron will continue to play the season out tanking for a top receiver in 2023 NFLdraft. With the 8th pick green bay chooses
    Brian Jenkins WR from Olivet Nazarene. Cause you know the gb front office has no clue

  21. cheeseisfattening says:
    November 27, 2022 at 4:54 pm
    The Packers have an avulsion to a future

    ……..with Rodgers.

  22. Viking fans, SMH. I’ll take 2 Super Bowl victories over 30 years versus 0 Super Bowls in over 50 years, including going 0 – 4. Spin it any way you want, those are the facts. And it’s been great.

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