Glazers want “record price” for Manchester United

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It will indeed be “Glazers Out.” Especially if multiple billions are in.

Rob Dawson of, via Sports Business Daily, reports that the family that owns both the NFL’s Buccaneers and Manchester United of the Premier League wants a “record price” for the soccer club.

Per the report, the Glazers believe they can get offers in excess of $7.25 billion for Manchester United. Also, the family is being deliberately vague about their plans in order to maximize their leverage. As with anything that anyone would ever sell, “nah, I’ll just keep it” can often be the best way to get top dollar.

It appears that the Glazers will sell. As noted by Dawson, Joel Glazer remains “heavily involved” in running the team, but other Glazer siblings want to sell.

Major sports properties continue to have ever-increasing value. And the price for a team often defies the balances sheets and other factors used to put a price on a business. The Denver Broncos recently sold for $4.65 billion. Commanders owner Daniel Snyder reportedly wants $7 billion — and he’ll likely get it.

For the Glazers, as with Snyder, it will become very hard to not follow through with the plan to sell, now that the fans have caught wind of the possibility. Even then, both the Glazers and Snyder are likely to get everything they want, and then some.

4 responses to “Glazers want “record price” for Manchester United

  1. If the Commanders are worth $7M I would think one of the only soccer teams I could name would be worth at least $10M if this sport is such a popular one. Aren’t they the Yankees of professional soccer?

  2. “as with Snyder, it will become very hard to not follow through with the plan to sell, now that the fans have caught wind of the possibility”

    I’ve seen this argument elsewhere but is it really true? If they just don’t give a darn about being asked about it and don’t care if the uncertainty hurts the team then there’s no pressue on them at all. It’s not even like the questions are directly to them or all that frequent since as billionaires they can stay out of the media’s and fans’ reach pretty much indefinitely. Fans best hope is that it won’t be “fun” to have the team any more so they’ll sell.

  3. Currently the Cowboys are the highest valued team. I really believe if Jones were to put the team up to the highest bidder, someone or some group would offer $50 bil. To those with monstrous assets, its more a huge toy than a business affair. Everyone asks what they will do with all that money. Answer: but a huge toy like this. Your still under wealthy, and have a hobby that never stops giving. The spotlight, the travel, the doors it opens are unreal. Jerry will never sell, as its his life

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