Josh Jacobs “kind of convinced” Raiders his calf was well enough to keep playing

Las Vegas Raiders v Seattle Seahawks
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Raiders running back Josh Jacobs came into Sunday questionable to play because of a calf injury and there was some doubt about his ability to continue playing when he tweaked it during the fourth quarter of their game in Seattle.

Jacobs was able to talk his way back onto the field and it’s a very good thing for the Raiders that he was so persuasive. Jacobs won the game for the Raiders with an 86-yard run in overtime that put a sensational capper on a huge day. Jacobs ran 33 times for 229 yards and two touchdowns while also catching six passes for 74 yards.

“I kind of convinced them I could go,” Jacobs said, via Paul Gutierrez of “And, you know, the biggest play of the game happened after that.”

The touchdown run leaves Jacobs with a career-best 1,159 rushing yards for the season and he’s on pace for nearly 1,800 rushing yards for the season. That hasn’t been enough to help the Raiders to a winning record, but it’s not a bad way for Jacobs to make his case as he heads into free agency.

10 responses to “Josh Jacobs “kind of convinced” Raiders his calf was well enough to keep playing

  1. Well now they are going to have to Franchise him until they can work out a long term contract. Should have given him the 5th year, McDaniels!

  2. His calf looked to be injured when he clearly fumbled the ball before being down. Sometimes the refs miss calls. No biggie, the Raiders aren’t doing anything this year except moving further away from a desperately needed high draft pick to fill the many many holes in their shoddy offense and defense.

  3. Very cheap win for a very bad team. All that effort for a huge nothing burger.

  4. A lot of praise and hype for a well below and underperforming .500 team. The Raiders have been trending down since moving to Vegas and trading for an overpriced/overrated WR. .

    I see Jacobs doing better on a contender, not a bottom feeder mierda squad like the hapless Raiders.

  5. I like Josh Jacobs. I really hope he gets picked up by a contender, the Raiders will be in the dumps for years to come. They should trade him for the most value possible if they were smart. He’s prime performing is expiring sooner than later.

  6. I love when the same guy posts four times in a row, minutes apart with four different screen names.

    Next it will be a “you should get a life” post….

  7. Should have signed him to the 5th ear option ?

    I can see why the raiders didn’t. He was coming off an injury plagued season where he missed 1000 yards for the first time and didn’t break many big runs

    Of course this year he’s been superb so hindsight is a wonderful thing but I can see why the raiders didn’t resign him and gave him a price it year and he’s been exceptional

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