Nathaniel Hackett: “Nobody is as frustrated as I am”

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The Broncos are struggling. That’s nothing new for the team, based on recent years. But it was supposed to be very different this year.

The hiring of a new coach, the trade for a franchise quarterback, and the arrival of a money-is-no-object ownership group combined to create unrealistically high expectations among a fan base that thought the clock would be reset to the Peyton Manning days.

Instead, the franchise remains stuck in quicksand. The Broncos, after starting 2-1, have lost seven of eight games to slump to 3-8.

While much of the criticism has been directed to Russell Wilson, the team traded for him. The team signed him to a long-term contract when it didn’t have to. And coach Nathaniel Hackett has become the most obvious target for fans who want something to be done.

On Monday, Hackett was asked by reporters what his message would be to fans who are sufficiently frustrated to want him out.

“Nobody is as frustrated as I am,” Hackett said. “This is not where we wanted to be at this time in the season. None of us thought it was going to be like this and that responsibility is fully on me. I want to be the one that can do everything to help this football team because we, as a group, have to come together and find a way to win a football game. We can’t play the way that we played yesterday and expect to win a football game. It starts with me from practice preparation and every single thing that we do. I’m the most frustrated. I think that our fans are great. They want to win, just like we all do. I don’t blame them for being frustrated. For me, all I know is to work and put my head down with our staff. I believe in this staff, and I believe in these players. We have to get better plays and better execution across the board.”

They have six more games to show that they can get it done. As explained last night on Football Night in America, it’s highly unlikely that Hackett will be fired before the season ends. After Week 18, however, all bets are off.

“Our fans mean the world to all of us,” Hackett added. “We work hard because we want to put a great product out on the field. We know that hasn’t been there, especially from offensive side of the ball. Everybody in that room, both coaches and players, are doing every single thing we can to try to put a better product out there. We have to prove it. We have to prove it to our fans and that’s what we’re going to continually try to do.”

Obviously, they’re trying. But they’re not succeeding. Over and over again. While it’s still not over, there’s no reason to expect a sudden and dramatic change.

And when the season ends, the change that seems to be coming will be neither sudden nor dramatic.

11 responses to “Nathaniel Hackett: “Nobody is as frustrated as I am”

  1. This Bronco fan thinks the problem is obvious. Hackett is trying to make Wilson into a pocket passer like Hackett had in Aaron Rodgers. but that isn’t Wilson’s strength. For instance he’s only 5 ft 10. it’s hard to throw over rushing linemen. secondly, he doesn’t get the ball out quickly enough. so defenses crush the pocket. finally. wilson is more like elway, a sandlot player who extends and makes plays by running around until a defensive back loses his man.

  2. Dude a whole fan base is more frustrated than you. Because they a frustrated by the team AND you!

  3. I know Russell’s really upset with all those votes that Geno’s getting right now from the city of Seattle

  4. Except Todd Bowles, he is way worse off. Denver was bad for the recent past. In a rebuild currently. You get a pass for that. Bowles inherited a super bowl contender. Huge difference.

  5. I personally find this situation to be rather hilarious.

    The Broncos went out and found themselves a GM who is even worse than Elway was. At least Manning, didn’t cost all them draft picks and a quarter billion dollars before he won any AFC West division titles with the team talent surrounding him. Sure the cupboard was bare after the Gimp retired, but at least the Broncos went to 2 Super Bowls before they started stinking up the joint.

    With the combined improvements which Denver, Chokeland and SanDiego continually add to their teams, the Chiefs will win 10 consecutive AFC West division titles before they are threatened to being dethroned.

    But #7 is on the way, this year.

  6. When I see a nose tackle scream in his QB’s face “LEEEETTTTSSS GOOOOOO!!!” on the pro level I know exactly where the problem is when it comes to the Broncos. The respect and professionalism is gone. Wilson can say whatever he wants to the media to make it look like nothing, but that isn’t normal behavior especially from a position that is the meat and potatoes of an offensive team unit which often goes unnoticed for what they do. It’s coming from someone who is in the trenches every play battling and fighting every down. Someone who is getting fed up with Russell cooking and has had enough of his special treatment with zero positive results. It’s starting to become crystal clear that the problem wasn’t Carroll, Russ was the reason why the Seahawks fell apart.

  7. Coach Hackett, it’s not your fault, its Russell’s fault that he does not listen coaches. that’s why seahawks coach Pete get rid of him.

  8. I’ve still never understood the fascination that NFL teams seem to have with this guy. He was a failed OC at his first two stops, then was OC for Aaron Rodgers. I think we can all agree that even a mediocre OC could have success with Rodgers as your QB. And then the Broncos not only interview him, but actually give him the job! This guy is the next Adam Gase.

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