Robert Saleh: We’re week-to-week at QB, Mike White starts again this week

Chicago Bears v New York Jets
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When Jets head coach Robert Saleh met with reporters for a Monday press conference last week, the topic of conversation was whether he was going to bench starting quarterback Zach Wilson.

Saleh waited a couple of days to announce that Mike White would get the start against the Bears in Week 12 and his three touchdown passes in a 31-10 win likely made it easy for Saleh to determine this week’s starter. Saleh said at Monday’s press conference that White will start against the Vikings while adding that the team’s still sees a future for Wilson in their offense.

“We’re week-to-week,” Saleh said, via SNY. “There’s things we’d love to see Zach accomplish over the course of a quality reset. This is Mike White’s opportunity, that doesn’t change. Mike’s got an opportunity to go stack another great day up this week. When we feel like Zach is ready to roll, he’s gonna roll.”

After the win over the Bears, Saleh said that White “made the easy look easy” during the win. Very little looked easy for the Jets offense when Wilson was running the offense, so it would be very difficult for the Jets to go back to Wilson unless White finds far tougher sledding in the weeks to come.

18 responses to “Robert Saleh: We’re week-to-week at QB, Mike White starts again this week

  1. The Great White Hype. Mike White has shown more than Zach Wilson but missing on a #2 overall can cost people jobs so he’ll be given every opportunity.

  2. Good for Mike. Sorry Zach, life comes at ya fast, especially if you’re leaving Utah for the first time.

  3. If he thinks Zack Wilson will ever be “ready to roll” he’s in total denial…Big time bust.

  4. Have many high picks been benched and then come back to be good later on? Geno Smith maybe (jury still out if it is sustainable). Most end up as career backups after a move like this.

    White had one good game last year then 3 terrible ones in a row.

    Also, Jets may try to trade White to a team so they need to keep his value as high as possible to see if they can get a pick.

  5. Saleh didn’t pick Wilson, Joe Douglas did. And even though it appears they missed on ZW, Douglass struck gold with 8 strong FA signings along with other great picks likw G Wilson, Sauce Gardner, Breece Hall and several others. Any fan will Take a 90% success rate on personnel and don’t forget:
    Mike White was another free agent gem. I don’t see anyone in Jet MGMT or coaching worrying about their job now. They have totally changed the culture of this team in a year and a half. Not bad

  6. Mike White doesn’t need the reinforcement of the coach and the unearned praise. The ego of a 2nd overall pick does. If MW5 plays like he did against the Bears, against the Vikings, then this all goes away.

    If he doesn’t, we get stuck with Wilson.

  7. This is coachspeak and a way to keep Zach Wilson motivated and make sure Mike White isn’t too comfortable.

    That being said, the only way another QB change gets made this season is if Mike White plays himself out of the job.

  8. The Vikings are going to be an uphill battle, they are tough for any team to play. If Mike White can duplicate the last game’s numbers and pull off an upset Wilson will never get dressed for the Jets again without a clipboard in his hands.

  9. The jet players obviously prefer mike white at qb. Look at the way the o line picked him up after he got hit. Look at the way the receivers embraced him after making good throws and was able to read the defense. Look at the way those huge jet defenders patted him on the back for those long Td drives he led them to. Most of all listen to what white said after the victory. He compliments the o line. Compliments the defense the coaches etc. he understands he has to manage the game with that great defense. Jet fans should pray he stays healthy and they are in the playoffs.

  10. Zach Wilson never played against a top college football team and was evaluated but he tried to throw the football Pat Mahomes. Wilson was overhyped by the media and the Jets front office fell for the theactics. Wilson has shown no growth in the two years since he was selected #2 overall. White played against a Bears defense that couldn’t stop a high school offense.

  11. There’s no way Saleh just lets Wilson carry a clipboard the rest of his time in NY. It’s the 21st century, it’s going to be a Microsoft surface.

  12. Saleh better be careful or he could lose his job if he screws this up. He keeps coddling Zach and saying he’ll come back. He barely acknowledges how great Mike played and gives him zero confidence by saying he has to stack good games. At some point you have to ride with the best player and where they were drafted can’t matter. Everyone on the outside sees what Saleh can’t.

  13. radar773 says:
    November 28, 2022 at 4:22 pm
    Yep. Salah drafted Wilson, so benching him makes Salah look bad.

    Joe Douglas drafted Wilson and benching him for White is a sign of strength and coaching smarts for Saleh. It’s also his refusal to give up.

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