Sean McVay: I don’t think I broke my jaw, so I’ll be fine

Los Angeles Rams v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Rams have had plenty of problems this season, with the defending champions’ record now at 3-8.

But even head coach Sean McVay could not avoid the injury bug that has hit Los Angeles hard in 2022.

Early on in Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs, tight end Roger Carter was running from the sideline to the field for a punt when he ran into McVay’s head. McVay’s headset flew off as Carter hit his head coach’s jaw.

“I’m thinking, ‘Have a little awareness running by me.’ I mean, oh my gosh,” McVay said postgame, via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times. “It’s really not that big a deal. I think it probably looked worse when you end up replaying it. … I don’t think I broke my jaw, so I’ll be fine.”

McVay said the Rams have enough guys who needed to be attended to that he didn’t need to be examined.

“As long as it’s not [hurting] my ability to think and to be able to talk, we’ll be fine,” he said.

Having lost five in a row, the Rams will host the Seahawks in Week 13.

9 responses to “Sean McVay: I don’t think I broke my jaw, so I’ll be fine

  1. Pretty fun to watch. Humility hit the boy wonder this season. Very rare to see a SB-winning team lay down the following season like this

  2. Seeing the Rams melt down has been delicious this year. They thought they had the answer – overpay for old and fragile men to win a Snoopy Bowl. Problem is, that might work one year, but as the aging clowns breakdown, you get the 2022 Rams. Nothing.

  3. ‘Have a little awareness running by me.’ Sounds like such an L.A. thing to say. Maybe you should’ve moved?

  4. Know where your boss is and maybe show a bit of common sense and check to see if you knocked the guy out or not rather than just continuing onto the field.

  5. I can’t believe McVay said that Carter should be aware of where McVay is. The kid is hustling to get on the field, exactly what you want from your players. McVay walks right into his path. McVay has a history of being right at and even over the sideline. Back up, and if you can’t learn to stay where you should be, you’re going to get hit. Not the player’s fault.

  6. Either McVay’s head was over the white line, or Carter was out of bounds; otherwise they would not have connected with each other. Not even the other team can decline that type of penalty.

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