Vikings’ Andrew Booth having knee surgery today, recovery time not yet known

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
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Vikings cornerback Andrew Booth is set for knee surgery, and it’s unclear how much time he’ll miss.

Doctors will determine by assessing Booth’s knee during the surgery which kind of procedure he needs, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. Only then will they know whether Booth has a chance of returning this season.

The Vikings prioritized their secondary in this year’s draft, taking safety Lewis Cine in the first round and Booth in the second round. But Cine has already been lost for the season and now Booth may be as well.

Booth didn’t get any defensive snaps at all until Week 10, but he got his first start of the season in the Vikings’ Week 11 loss to the Cowboys. The Vikings were hoping Booth could make an impact down the stretch, but that is now in question.

6 responses to “Vikings’ Andrew Booth having knee surgery today, recovery time not yet known

  1. Never should have drafted him and should cut him because he is an injury head case. He never sees the field and when he does he gets hurt immediately. Kwesi is quietly having one of the worst drafts in the history of the NFL. Then add on the trade for Reagor (multiple picks) just so we can watch him catch punts makes it all that much worse. Sure, the Hock trade is decent but his rookies this year are truly awful.

  2. Sure the guy is injury prone, but I seriously doubt torn meniscus is because he’s an “injury headcase”. As for over-reaction comment number two, I also seriously doubt Kwesi’s draft is the worst “in the history of the NFL”. I may be spittballin here, but it’s probably wise to give a rookie class more than 11 games before drawing too many conclusions there Mr. tortoise.

  3. @iliketurtles, thankfully Ed Ingram and Akayleb Evans have looked pretty good. I’m not ready to give up on Cine either.

  4. his rookies this year are truly awful

    Not scintillating, no question about it, but are they “his” rookies? (A) Did he have time between his hire and the draft to put in a place a new scouting dept.? I think not. (B) My sense is, O’Connell is heavily involved in the draft — “their rookies” might be the better phrase.

  5. The Vikings have gotten almost nothing from their rookie class. Ingram has started every game but is one of the lowest-rated, if not the worst, guards in the NFL by PFF. Chris Reed could have done that well. That said, it could still turn out to be a pretty good class next year and beyond. If Cine and Booth are healthy, they could make major contributions next year. Evans looked good before he got hurt. Ingram is getting valuable experience this year and could be passable next year. Asamoah should be a starting linebacker next year because they won’t bring Hicks back, and they really need his speed. Ty Chandler should be the backup RB next year with Mattison gone.

    I’d still rather have Jameson Williams or Christian Watson, who they could have drafted if they wouldn’t have traded with the Lions or Packers.

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