DeShone Kizer: Aaron Rodgers asked me if I believe in 9/11


Maybe Aaron Rodgers should finish his career with the Seahawks.

Seattle coach Pete Carroll has shown some 9/11 truther tendencies. So, apparently, has Rodgers.

Appearing on The Breneman Show podcast, former Packers quarterback DeShone Kizer said that Rodgers asked Kizer whether he believes that 9/11 actually happened.

“The first thing that comes out of Aaron Rodgers’s mouth was, ‘You believe in 9/11?’” Kizer said. “‘What? Do I believe in 9/11? Yeah, why wouldn’t I?’”

Rodgers told Kizer that he should “read up on that.”

Apparently, Rodgers got through to Kizer, not only about the conspiracy theory that 9/11 was an inside job but also other batshit-crazy concepts that plenty of people apparently believe in, contrary to all evidence, logic, and common sense.

“Inner Earth, moon landing, reptile people,” Kizer said. “Y’all are laughing. Go do your research, I’m telling you. Go do your research.”

Oh yes. The dreaded reptile people.

It’s possible Rodgers was just messing with Kizer. It’s also possible that Rodgers truly believes in a wide variety of nutty conspiracy theories.

Here’s hoping that the subject comes up during Rodgers’s his next visit with Joe Rogan. Or maybe Alex Jones.

89 responses to “DeShone Kizer: Aaron Rodgers asked me if I believe in 9/11

  1. Oh it surely happened.

    Now whether it was assisted by some folks in our government? There may or may not be water in that bucket of truth.

  2. This level of willful ignorance might be uproariously humorous if it weren’t so frightening. Geesh!

  3. 9/11 is a “belief”? Like believing in a religion?
    How would one not “believe” it?

  4. If you’re wondering what I’m doing right now, just picture Kevin from The Office snickering

  5. I could see Aaron sitting at the table, drinking coffee flipping threw the National Enquirer.

  6. Rodgers definitely seems like the kind of person who would believe in things like reptile people.

  7. What does the phrase “do you believe in 9-11” even mean? Are there even people who think it didn’t actually happen? Because…I’ve still got a some emotional attachments to someone who was in that building that day. I don’t have the luxury of dabbling in conspiracy theories about whether or not to “believe in 9-11.”

  8. For a while I thought maybe Aaron Rogers was reasonably bright. Then as time went on I realize I was mistaken. The notion that an “inside job” could be agreed upon by all the people who would need to cooperate, and that none of the people who were approached about it would pretend to go along with it in order to gather evidence and expose it, is virtually impossible. When he was actually great at playing football, this type of stuff gets swept under the rug. But when you’re no good anymore, this type of stupidity gets called out and you are exposed for the dumba** you really are.

  9. Pretty sure we all knew Rogers is an idiot. Ship him out and let Jordan take us the rest of the way.

  10. I don’t think it’s far-fetched for the cause of the attacks of 9/11 to be up for debate, but 3,000 families of dead people that were killed in the attack definitely believe in it.

  11. This sort of thing seems to be surprisingly common among those who believe they are much smarter than others.

  12. Everyone knows 18 Saudis hijacked 4 planes that brought down two indestructible towers with nothing else but a few flught lessons and a credit cards. No sure why when they had weapons of mass destruction at the ready.

  13. If Rodgers said that, rest assured that he was kidding.

    Rodgers may be a jerk, but he’s not stupid.

  14. A historian getting his facts from youtube channels and blog posts would be like a quarterback getting coaching tips from me.

  15. Sounds to me like he is a fool. That said, so what? He plays QB. If he ever enters politics, then by all means support his opponent.

  16. The mental sickness to believe what some other sicko wrote.. then the rejection to believe their what their own eyes see is maddening.
    It seem that one can throw a football, but also suffers from this serious mental virus.

  17. OH it did happen and to question if it did happen is an insult. How it actually came about and who pulled the strings is a different question.

    Why is this even a thing? Aaron Rodgers goes on the Pat McAfee show every Tuesday. They openly talk about aliens, UFO’s, time travel, natural grown thought enhancement use, and conspiracy theories.

    Hell look at Aaron Rodgers and his COVID “immunized” deal.

  18. Said it before. Intelligent adjacent. Rodgers hangs out with people with intellect, and then mimics them. But his own hamster is turning on a slow wheel.

  19. “It’s possible Rodgers was just messing with Kizer. It’s also possible that Rodgers truly believes in a wide variety of nutty conspiracy theories.”

    Also possible that Kizer wants attention. He was in Green Bay for a cup of coffee. I don’t like Rodgers but these stories always come out when it is time to pile on. Where was he the last 3 years to talk about this? People will eat it up though.

  20. You give Rodgers outsized credit for being smart. What if he’s not? Jeopardy is memorization, not IQ.

  21. Time to end the Circus Show for him in GB, please….I’m still hoping GB can at least get a #2 draft choice from Carolina for Rodgers, IF Carolina will show amazing grace and accept paying #12 $49M+ for one year of service.

    That written, it was a GREAT run in GB….He outshined B. Favre and B. Starr, in my humble opinion….as the greatest GB QB ever.

    Sad ending.

  22. For a while I thought maybe Aaron Rogers was reasonably bright. Then as time went on I realize I was mistaken. The notion that an “inside job” could be agreed upon by all the people who would need to cooperate, and that none of the people who were approached about it would pretend to go along with it in order to gather evidence and expose it, is virtually impossible.

  23. I remember getting a call very early in the morning from my cousins wife to hurry and turn on the TV. I live on the west coast. I watched the footage of the two planes hitting over and over again. Then hearing about a 3rd at the Pentagon. Look at the ash, blood and destruction and tell me 9/11 wasn’t a terrorist doing and you’d be lying through your teeth. Who cares if they had inside help. It was still terrorism to its core. Months later I flew to NY to visit these places and meet the people personally. It was a life changing experience. I was proud how we were not divided during that time.

    Regardless…. Aaron Rogers, as smart as he THINKS he is, doesn’t have a brain at all. He treats his own family like dirt. Tries to manipulate people. Involved in stupid conspiracies. Throws his own teammates under the bus and doesn’t take responsibility in his own flaws. Brags about taking drugs and what his mind blowing trips are like. He just needs to quietly retire. I’m over him

  24. “Beautiful Mystery” needs to retire but unfortunately the diva learned off Faux Farve and will never just walk away quietly

  25. He gets health advice from Joe Rogan and thinks he’s “immunized”. He was engaged to Shailene Woodley – legendary oddball who eats clay and bugs (look it up) He’s always the smartest person in any room – in his mind – just ask him. Is it so hard to believe that he beleieves only he knows the real “truth” regarding absurd conspiracy theories?

  26. “Oh yes the dreaded reptile people”

    I mean… you have to laugh at this, right?

  27. Rodgers Achey Breaky heart Haircut beginning to make way more sense now… 😆🛸

  28. For anyone interested, they’re running a special on tin foil hats. Half off at Use promo code AROD.

  29. There are two types of people. People who trust the government, and the rest of us…….

  30. When one ‘does the research’ on bizarre alternate realities and wild conspiracy theories, one finds they really on things for which there is no verifiable proof. They rely on denial and/or deluding oneself – often characterized by paranoid behavior.

  31. The issue isn’t that Rodgers believes 9/11 is fake, it’s the fact that his teammates basically have to believe it too or be alienated by the quarterback. The guy is nuts, but the environment is clearly that if you don’t humor him then he won’t help you at all, and will basically work to get rid of you. This entire org is held hostage by this madman…

  32. And here I thought that Aaron Rodgers was just an annoying diva, but nope. He’s also a delusional lunatic…

  33. This guy i had it with his far right wing insanity between his lying and now this i hope the Bears defense for once act like real football players and hit him hard.

  34. Apparently, Elvis and the Kennedy brothers have moved from New Mexico to Wisconsin.

    Highly unlikely.

    Northern California??…..

  35. Conspiracy theories have always been popular.

    It would be nice if people cared about an objective standard of truth. Not making up their own truth, inventing facts if they need to, to whatever suits them.

  36. Is the earth as flat as Aaron Rodgers head?
    Now that’s a theory I’d like to hear more about…

  37. Under his helmet is a whole roll of invisible tin foil shaped into a radio hat that transmits messages to the reptile people don’t believe me do your research…lol…and we thought Kyrie was weird .

  38. Anybody who takes a homeopathic treatment and ivermectin instead of getting vaxxed is going to be one of these “independent thinkers,” i.e., conspiracy nut. But in this case, I wouldn’t rush to the conclusion that Rodgers believes in conspiracy theories about 9/11, or inner earth, moon landings, or reptile people. I decided to watch DeShone Kizer’s interview with Breneman, and it’s inconclusive. When Kizer first starts talking about the initial meeting with Rodgers, he characterizes it as a “thought experiment” and says that he and Rodgers exchanged lots of books and had discussions about all kinds of things. He made it sound like they were exploring these conspiratorial ideas, not that they bought into them.

    Later, in the part where he references inner earth, moon landings and reptile people, he points out that the crew members are laughing, he laughs himself, and says you guys are laughing, but do your research. It’s impossible to tell whether he’s joking or serious. I was disappointed that Breneman never pressed him as to whether he or Rodgers believed in any of these conspiracy theories–especially considering this interview was about an hour long. I mean, a guy in California actually murdered his two young children because he believed his wife was a reptile person and had passed it on to their kids. I would definitely want to know if somebody believes in this lunatic concept.

    On a side note, I was impressed by Kizer’s style in the interview. He was open about the bad plays that led to his lack of success in the league and was interesting to listen to. It surprises me that he isn’t on the football analyst track–assuming he’s not actually a nutcase under the good-guy exterior.

  39. So, let me see if I got this right. During the construction of the WTC towers it was wired with explosives and/or built in such a way, like a Jenga game, so that someone could push a button and bring down the towers? And, then, contracted with some radicalized Saudis to crash planes into the towers to provide cover for these unseen forces(like lizard-people)? Do I have this right? My education continues.

  40. The whole concept of what these people consider research is shocking, and laughable. I’m willing to be open minded, but at some point the research has to involve more than supposition and paeudo-intellectual logic riddles.

  41. Its the Dunning Kruger Effect. Stupid people like Rodgers are convinced they are brilliant because they don’t have the capacity to see the truth.

  42. No way could he have been serious right? I really can’t believe he is possibly that ignorant. Had to be messing with him. The reptile people reference seals it.

  43. jdphx says:
    November 30, 2022 at 10:25 am
    Difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth? Usually about 6 months.

    BS. Prove it.

  44. the real wackos are the ones that think the government has their best interest at heart and think they tell them the truth 100% of the time.

  45. Just when you think Ewwin Wawgers could not be any less savory, he manages to find a new low.

  46. Now I understand why he slipped in the draft. Obviously some GMs did research on him and found stories similar to that about him, which led them to believe that he is totally nuts.

  47. The funny thing is that everyone is bashing Rodgers for his takes yet no one is questioning the integrity of the person that said it. It’s kinda like believing whatever you hear on your preferred news channel that is catered to a certain demographic. Until Rodgers himself admits it or more former teammates step forward to say the same thing, I’ll reserve judgement. Remember when everyone was supposedly dropping dead from Covid on the streets? No we don’t even have to wear masks on airplanes regardless of vax status. People talking of conspiracy theories on here are buying into one right now. I remember Keyshawn Johnson piling on Jon Gruden and calling him a used car salesman after he was fired, never heard a peep before. This is what happens when a player is down. Why do you think Tom Brady’s personal life was put on display? Hot takes sell, doesn’t matter if they’re true or not.

  48. Just imagine if Kizer had family killed in the 9/11 attack. He could have punched Rogers between the eyes. And Rogers with his extreme intelligence would know it was justified….

  49. He could totally redeem himself by saying he believes in global warming…

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